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My dr said that sex was safe but I'm a little nervous. Of course my husband isn't!! Any thoughts?

Re: Sex??

  • Unless you have previous history of something going wrong and require pelvic rest, sex is safe! I'm with you, though, I kind of wish my husband wasn't interested right now. lol

  • Listen to your doctor! You had sex during the 2ww didn't you? ;

    Seriously though, unless you are bleeding or have other medical issues at the moment there is no reason to avoid sex. It's an exciting time for you and DH, relax and enjoy eachother!
  • It's safe, and now is a great time to strengthen that bond with your hubby! Some things might become less comfortable as you get bigger, just make adjustments so you're enjoying it too.
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  • Unless you have been told by your dr to abstain (and it appears you haven't) sex is safe during pregnancy.  Be aware that it may cause mild cramping and spotting, but that is normal as well since the cervix is more sensitive.

    Having said that, this past week I have felt so crappy, nauseous and exhausted that there is no way I was in the mood to have sex.  

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  • Sex during pregnancy is amazing. :) No need to be nervous unless your doctor or midwife tells you that you should be. And, strangely enough, I find that it helps me feel temporarily less nauseous, which is awesome. ;)

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  • Thanks ladies! I should know this since this is my 3rd pregnancy but its funny how you forget everything and all the old worries come back! Although I did have sex with both pregnancies...I was younger! I guess being "at risk" makes me more nervous.
  • I'm normally not a sexy type person...I am reserved and just not that into sex. But after conception I certainly was. When I got my positive test one of the first things I thought was "hmm, no wonder sex has actually been good..."
  • It's my husband that's the nervous one about it! He wants to wait until after our 2nd u/s on the 30th. We've only had sex twice since we found out on the 3rd. It's killing me lol the doctor said its totally fine though
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  • I can't stop having sex with my boyfriend. Haha This pregnancy has turned me into a horndog.
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    I was paranoid at first because my first pregnancy I started bleeding after sex and it freaked me out. So I have that in the back of my head. So far sex hasn't caused any problems this time, but I have been taking it easy.
    Sex is safe during pregnancy so unless you have a history you should be good.
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  • The first thing when I though when i saw your caption was, yes, please.

    Have as much sex as you can. With DD, I didnt want to be touched and sex was scary post pregnancy. Goodness, I missed it. This go around, I'm insatiable DH told ME he had a headache the other night.

    Enjoy it. Unless the doctor puts you on pelvic rest, you're good to go.
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  • My doctor says it's perfectly fine.  My husband and I have had sex a couple times since we got our BFP, but this week I've been super paranoid because I've never made it past 6 weeks 3 days so we haven't done anything at all.....more for my peace of mind then anything! 

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  • The baby is well-protected in your uterus so you don't need to worry. 
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