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Hi Ladies, I'm Ironmom2be. My precious Hailey was born last Friday July 12 at 8:20am weighing 7lb 12oz and 19.5" long. Here is my LONG birth story:

We had two losses before testing revealed I had a Balanced Translocation. After that news, we went straight to IVF w/ PGD which produced our miracle daughter. We are so in love and cannot believe she's here and she's ours. 

I recognize many of you ladies from my many years on TTCAL and more recently on PGAL. I'll do my best to be somewhat regular supporter/poster on here. Congrats on all your beautiful babies!


BFP 2/14/11, missed m/c 9 weeks. d&e 3/24/11
BFP 12/10/11 d&e at 13wk+4days 2/17/12
Dx with Balanced Robertsonian Translocation (13;14) moving on to IVF w/ PGD
IVF #1 (May 2012) 13R, 10F, 5 blasts, ONE NORMAL frozen no transfer
IVF #2 (July 2012) 17R, 8F, 5  blasts, ONE NORMAL 6dt on 7/12/2012- c/p
IVF #3 (Sept. 2012) 39R, 25F, 13 blasts,  3 NORMALS! Freeze-all due to high E2.
FET #1 10/23- 2 expanded blasts, Beta #1 11/1- 113, Beta #2 11/4-351, Beta #3 11/7- 1213
Hailey Michelle born July 12, 2013

TTC #2 
FET -1/14- c/p
IVF #4 (Feb 2014)- 49R, 28F, 13 blasts, 7 NORMALS! eSET of a normal blast on 2/24/14, 6 frosties.
Beta #1 3/4/14- 105. Beta #2 3/7/13- 397 EDD-11/11/14. 1st u/s 3/20- 6w2d lil' bean with 120hb. 7w0d- lil bean's hb was 144. Graduated from RE 3/25/14.
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