Stairs ?

Hello!  We just got home with our DS #2.  Both of my pregnancies were c-sections, but I didn't get discharge info with stairs.  We don't have stairs that I NEED to use daily like to get to bedrooms, but did anyone get specific suggestions about how often to limit stair use to?  TIA!
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Re: Stairs ?

  • I asked about this and they told me just to use common sense. Only go up when it felt ok. They did recommend about 2 weeks. At 2 weeks I went up and it hurt like heck. I waited another week and then started going up every couple days, just a few times. Just take it easy and listen to your body.
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  • My discharge instructions recommended no stairs for two weeks, but that if you must use them try to limit it to once a day. Due to our house layout, I've had no choice but to use them from day one. I just went super slow at first, and now I can go up and down with no problem but I still try to limit my trips.
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  • In the first two weeks I would limit the stairs to once if possible/necessary. I went up and down several times the first day I was home (trying to get DD1 to nap in her room) and it was incredibly tiring. I gave up on naps for a while after that.

  • I've never not used my stairs or limited my stair usage after any of my 4 c-sections. Listen to your body was what my OB told me........
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  • Both showers and the laundry room are upstairs so going upstairs was necessary. I tried to only go up/down 2 or 3x a day for the first week. After 10 days not only did I have to go up/down stairs multiple times a day but I also usually had to carry my 18 month old. Do what you have to do and listen to your body.

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  • I wasn't given any recommendations either time.  I started going up and down stairs at home as soon as I was discharged with both kids (4 days PP with DD, 2 days PP with DS).  I tried to limit stairs after DS especially as much as possible, but it was kind of like most ordinary activities, I basically felt fine to do it after the first week.
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  • I ws just told to limit walking up stairs as much as possible. I just used common sense. If it hurt too much then I would stop.

  • I don't believe I was given any instructions about stairs either, but we stayed at the Ronald McDonald house and I took the elevator the first few days and after that I just started walking up and down the steps because the elevator took forever. So I'd say about 5-6 days after my c-section. But I had a really easy recovery. 
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  • EmR22EmR22
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    Use common sense. I had to do stairs with my two c sections as the layout of our house made it impossible not to. I did stay on the main level most of the day and made sure I had a place for LO to nap during the day (crib was upstairs) and had diaper changing supplies available so it limited the trips up and down for the first week or two.
  • I had to use stairs. I figured out a way to crawl up them on hands and feet. Little stress on the incision.
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    My discharge instructions recommended no stairs for two weeks, but that if you must use them try to limit it to once a day.

    This is exactly what I was told as well.

    I live in an upstairs apartment so it was unavoidable for me, but I just took my time when I did climb the stairs and it was fine.
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  • I have lived in upstairs apartments with each of my CS. I was never given any discharge instructions regarding this. I just took it slow & tried to limit it when I could. Like PP's have said just listen to your body. 
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  • Limit using the stairs to once a day the first few weeks. The best way to tell if you are over doing it is you have a lot more bleeding discharge. However you need to move around this helps to recover faster.
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