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Those who Cloth Diaper

Which brand or type do you prefer?

I am using G diapers because of convenience of getting just a couple to try with out being over whelmed.  I like them, but they are expensive.  Looking for what others like as well.  Yes I am looking at the CD board too :)

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Re: Those who Cloth Diaper

  • I ordered ones off eBay called "papoose". They're really good; waterproof outer with fleece liner, plus absorbent inserts.

    Best thing?  They're cheap (like a few bucks a piece instead of the $10 - $15 per diaper you usually pay).

    Although I don't cloth diaper my newborn. Newborn bodies are just too tiny, and cloth diapers leak around tiny legs. :)

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  • We're waiting a bit longer to start as LO is still under 8lbs at 3 weeks.

    I have several Applecheeks, Bumgenius 4.0s and Kawaii to try.
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  • I've been using prefolds and covers for the most part but also have a kawaii pn that I really like. I'm going to get a few aio diapers once ds gets bigger. I use flip diapers with my 2 year old and really like them because they are super simple to use.

    I have s Charlie banana that is really big but can't wait to use it because it feels so soft!
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  • I'm using bummis nb prefolds and nb superbrite covers on my 5 pounder so far.
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  • I use mostly flats and covers for the first six months or so then switch to all in ones and all in twos.

    My favorite brands are Bestbottom covers, Bottom bumpers aio, Peachy Green aio and ai2, Grovia aio, Tots Bots aio, and Itti Bitti aio.
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  • I use Oscosy prefolds and thirties wraps for newborn stage. When she's 12 lb or so, we'll start switching to Fuzzibunz. We also have Thirties Duo diapers that are kind of like pockets but you doing have to take then inserts out before doing the wash.
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  • We use pre folds and covers for newborn stage. We've tried Bumkins, Fuzzibunz, Econobum, BG, G Diapers and Charlie Banana for after that, but BG's seemed to work best for us so we use those exclusively now.
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  • We have grovia hybrids and bum genius 4.0s. Still waiting on him to use them and even then we have about a month supply of disposables so it'll be a bit before we start them.

    Both brands come highly recommended though. I'm super excited to use the grovias; they look amazing and super absorbent.
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  • I am ordered glowbug because of reviews and price. But I just posted they haven't arrived yet and it's been since May. They were on back order but now there is delivery issues.


  • We have a few different brands and types. My favorite are GMD prefolds with covers. I think my favorite covers right now are Thirsties xsmall with aplix. I have heard bad things about thirsties' aplix( like, it doesn't last, is bad quality) but I also have some snaps that I don't like as much. At this age he is so skinny and squirmy that the aplix is SO much easier. I also have 1 bummis whisper wrap that I really like. As for pockets, I have OS charlie bananas that are my favorite that I have tried. I like how the rise is adjusted compared to all the snaps most have. But I still prefer prefolds and covers to pockets hands down.
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  • I have Gmd prefolds with thirsties covers, alva pockets, a couple kissaluvs hemp fitteds, some wool covers that I knit, and some micro fleece liners. I've only used the prefoldsand thirsties covers so ffar but even folded down I didn't like how they pushed on her cord. I did like the fit everywhere else though.
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  • We have fuzzy bunz. They are great until the elastic needs changing. When I changed the elastic after 18 mo of use seams started popping especially along the back where the tag is. I'm not happy about that. We are still using them though.
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  • Bum Genius 3.0 - you can adjust them as the baby grows and they are great quality!
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  • We use a service that delivers prefolds once a week and picks up the dirties from our porch. We're using mostly Thirsties NB covers at this point. It's working well.
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  • We are using fitteds with covers for right now.  We have Kawaii covers (one-size) and the fitteds are Green Mountain or something like that.  We use BumGenius pocket diapers at night.  We also have some prefolds I will use if we run out of fitteds.  DD is over 10 pounds at a week old, so they fit her better than if she were 7 or 8 pounds. 


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  • I bought a ton of different types to try... BumGenius 4.0s, Elementals and Freetimes and Charlie Bananas mostly, but I have a few fitteds, as well... Bamboozle, AMP Hemp, GoodMamas. And I think I may have one FuzziBunz and a Rumpkinz in there too. No experience yet, but my plan is to sell any that don't work and then buy more of what does. Unless, of course, they all work, which would also be great!
  • I have bought some newborn sized versions of Charlie banana, fuzzibunz, kawaii, grovia, swaddlebees and bum genius to see which brands we like, then I'll buy bigger versions of those. I hope we like the Charlie's. they're so cute and not as bulky.
  • We did a newborn rental for the first days (kissaluvs fitted and thirsties covers) but she is ALREADY growing out of NB stuff at 3 weeks! 

    With our son we tried a ton of stuff and finally settled on GMD workhorse fitteds and thirsties covers. We have a small stack of oooooold bumgenius elementals that someone gave us that are at the very very end of their useful life, but we did like them as well. We also have some regular GMD prefolds that I used occasionally as well. This setup was a good middle ground for price and usefulness for us.

    I HATE microfiber and microfleece. I just can't touch it - it gives me serious heebie jeebies. So we did all natural fibers. 

    Gdiaper seemed like SUCH a PITA to me! Our friends used them on their daughter and they seemed to always leak, and were a pain to stuff. But I know some loved them. We tried GroVia and got constant leaks. We had a few pockets for a while but I could tell that stuffing them was going to get old fast for me.

    Some places will let you trial different kinds of diapers to see what you like. if you are thinking about going with a spendier setup you may want to think about that. The place we rented the NB diapers from does (itsy bitsy bums) and I'm pretty sure Jillian's Drawers does too. 

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  • Rmnam1Rmnam1
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    I bought a bunch from shopdiaper.com they have great prices on pocket diapers OS and inserts. I'm still using disposables for now bc she's so little and pooping so often!
  • Thanks everyone!  Yeah still super over whelming with everything lol.  I think I need to go to a store that specializes in this and just look at everything lol.
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    Thanks everyone!  Yeah still super over whelming with everything lol.  I think I need to go to a store that specializes in this and just look at everything lol.

    This was me at the beginning too! There were so many types and kinds and I did some research online of the different types of CD's. Then I bought a range of the different kinds to figure out what we like and what fits LO the best. I haven't started using them yet (because she goes through diapers so fast but we'll make the transition pretty quick) but once we do use them, as others have mentioned, I'll get rid of the ones I don't like and keep the ones I do and get more of those. 

  • Robi1Robi1
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    We have Kissaluvs fitteds and GMD prefolds with covers for NB stage, along with some Kawaii P&Ns, and Bumgenius 4.0s for once they fit. And a few other random ones I've picked up here and there. 
  • Baby isn't here yet, but we are planning to use cloth. We got prefolds and covers for the NB stage. We got a combo of Bumgenius, Fuzzibunz, and Blueberry pockets plus some Flips and Softbums for later on. We just bought when they had really good sales/seconds and figured we would sell off any we didn't like.
  • I always thought people who clothed diapered were crazy, but that was based on no research. The only thing I had to go by was remembering when I was young my mom dong cloth diapers with a few of my brothers and I remember I thought it was so gross, but back then she had to do the whole dip the diaper in the tolet thing. spraying I can handle. My husband brought it up when Nadia was a few days old, I told him no way and he dropped it. But I decided to actually research it for once and was surprised how great it seems to do these days. I have done a ton of research the past few weeks and have decided go for it! The idea I love the most is how soft they will feel to her, plus them being so cute does not hurt either. disposals seem so horrible to have to wear. I think I have decided to go with 12 bg 4.0 and 6 Charlie banana to start off, and go from there to see if I need more. I am excited to start, which is weird lol.

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  • We have been using a diaper service for the last 6 yrs. I have mostly Bummis covers, but for toddlers we definitely prefer the snaps so they can't pull off the diaper themselves. I can't always find snapped Bummis so I sometimes fill in with Thirsties or Wolby covers.

    Most covers have lasted through 3 kids, but the velcro ones ended up failing at some point during DS2's diaper tenure.

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