Hi, I'm a FTM, and I spend most of my time on the June '13 board. LO will be two weeks old tomorrow, and she does really well BFing except for one thing. I cannot keep her from putting her hands in her mouth when we are trying to latch. I tried swaddling her to feed, but she screams and refuses to eat. The lactation consultant's solution was to have DH hold her hands until she latches. This is great until the middle of the night when DH is at work and she is flailing and screaming at me. We always start the process peacefully, until about the fifth time she sticks her hand in her mouth instead of my nipple. I'm not good enough at this yet, so my two hands are tied up holding her head and my breast. Once she is latched, she does great. Any tips are appreciated. TIA.

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    What sort of nursing pillow are you using?  My LO gets her hands in the way too...usually I can use one hand to hold my boob and the other to move her hands while her head rests on my nursing pillow.  I'm using a Brest Friend and also put another pillow underneath to bring it to the correct height.  I guide my boob towards her mouth and can release her hands and hold her head for the duration of the nursing session.

    I also try to position her upper body in such a way that one arm comes under my boob and she's sorta laying on it, while the other rests on top of her or my boob.  This is in cross cradle hold. 

  • You can also begin feeding while she's asleep. The BF class we took advised a sleeping or just waking baby is easier to latch. If she's flailing around, you may have missed some earlier hunger cues.
    Also agree with PP, use a pillow to your advantage! You'll get there good luck!

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  • My LO doesn't usually use the hand from the side she's lying on because it is kinda trapped under her. The other hand, I take and tuck between my boobs so it is a little trapped as well. Once she's latched, she doesn't usually try to find her hands anymore. But we have had times when she will come unlatched and if her hands are near her face, she will go for them.
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  • I try to catch the early hunger cues, but she always needs a diaper change before she eats then by the time I get her to the boob, it's WWIII. I'll try trapping the hands. I have a boppy nursing pillow that has helped a little. I broke down last night and swaddled her and just made her sit at the boob until she latched on. It was a fight, but I didn't get scratched and I was running on less than one hour of sleep.
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