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When do you lock your doors?

I'm stealing this from another forum.

When do you lock your doors? All the time? Only when you leave the house? 

Managing tree nut (me), peanut & egg (DS) allergies.

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Re: When do you lock your doors?

  • Front door: Always

    Back door: Usually

    The front door has a lever handle that we can't keep child proofed. Cody is obsessed with trying to open the door. It is always locked. It also has a key fob lock which only requires touching the metal surface on the key to the metal surface of the lock. Cody knows how this works and is determined to unlock the door himself. He practices every time he gets my keys. Luckily he is juuuust barely too short to reach the metal plate at the right angle. We need to move ASAP.

    An unlocked back door means there's a dog outside, otherwise it is locked.

    Managing tree nut (me), peanut & egg (DS) allergies.

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  • All doors are locked all the time.

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  • Our doors are locked at all times if we are inside. The only time the backdoor is unlocked is if the dog is out back.
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  • Our front door is always locked but that back door and side door are usually unlocked if we are home, until around the time it starts to get dark/later we usually close the blinds and lock the doors.  The back door is locked if the dog is outside because she knows how to open it.  And the garage door is not locked until we go to sleep since we just close the garage door itself (but I mean the interior door is not locked until bed).  

    There was apparently a home burglarized yesterday in our general area so I might be more cautious and keep doors locked although we think based on the information/rumors going around that it was a personal thing with that house.   

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  • All the time. I got into the habit when DH was overseas and I was home alone. I never got out of the habit and DH will run a quick errand and I'll lock the door and he gets "upset" because he has to dig out his keys or knock
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  • Our doors are always locked unless we're in the yard.
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  • Our front door is always locked, because it locks when you close it.  Our back door is pretty much never locked, but it's sliding and heavy and Lucia cannot open it. If we just leave the sliding screen door closed, she can open it, so we only do that when we know we are paying close attention.

    I grew up in a small town, and we didn't even have keys to our house.  Our doors were never locked. 

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  • Locked at all times unless I'm in the yard
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  • If we're home, we keep them unlocked because we're in and out of the yard with the kids. We make sure to lock up if we go somewhere or before we go to bed.
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  • All doors are locked all the time.
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  • The back door is always locked and 90%of the time, there's a pin in the top. We have a pool and DD thinks she can swim all by herself. Obviously, its not locked if we are in the backyard.

    The front door is locked 50% of day time, always locked at night. We live in a small town and I'm really not worried. We also have a large dog that causes a ruckus anytime someone comes up our driveway, even if its DH. Most people are scared of her because she's loud and a pitbull. If the just the front screen door is closed, its locked so that DD doesn't get it open. 

  • Sometimes when we go on vacation.
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  • The back door is pretty much locked all the time, unless the dog is outside.  The front door is only locked at night and when we're not home.

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  • I'm late to this because I wasn't on a computer yesterday but man I feel like we are super unsafe.  Our backdoor is usually locked but the dog door isn't.  The door leading to the garage is never locked.  The front door is something we are bad about.  The bottom lock can stay locked even if you open it and we always just assume it is locked.  Well DH is really bad about throwing the deadbolt when he gets home so sometimes we go to bed with the door unlocked.  We live in a big city but we don't get a lot of crime in our area.  We need to get better about locking doors and I get on DH about it all the time but it does no good.
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  • mle5dmle5d
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    We always lock our doors. I'm a little paranoid.
  • Unless we're outside in the yard, the doors are locked all the time.

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