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Always trust your gut!

I don't post often, mostly lurk and learn from all of you. I wanted to post a heads up to everyone that if your gut is telling you something, trust it, listen to it.  Also do not be afraid to advocate fro yourself and question your doctor if something doesn't feel right.  

The back story on the heads up.  My dh and I have been ttc since Dec. 2010. Had hsg in Dec. 11 and was told tubes were clear. Continued oop fertility treatments with no success. I kept feeling like we were missing something. Had a lap done in April 2013 and found complete blockage of right tube- huge cyst attached to pelvic wall.  At post op appt. asked about repeating testing since it had been over a year and I was now almost 38.  RE told me I was a baby- age wise- when it came to infertility treatments, but he would rerun the tests to give me piece of mind. Called yesterday with my AMH - 0.39- and said everything looked good.  I of course googled that and found that was not the case.  This morning I get a second call telling me based on AMH I have severely diminished ovarian reserve and we need IVF.  Also found out my AMH when the labs were run last year was only 0.41- also extremely poor ovarian reserve. I am so angry and frustrated that we wasted a year of treatments- clomid, injects, iui- when we really needed IVF. I will be getting a second opinion as I have lost all faith in my current RE. Of course we are in the middle of a treatment cycle, so I still have to go back there for monitoring in the meantime. 

Moral of the story, you know your body better than your doc. If you feel something isn't right, question, get a second opinion. Always trust your gut! 

Me 38 DH 40
TTC since Dec 2010.
Diagnosed anovulatory, HSG clear. Slight MFI- borderline count, but excellent motility and morphology 
Nov. 12- Feb.13 Gonal F + Ovidrel + IUI = BFN
Lap April 13. Found blocked tube and bridged fimbria. Opened tube and cut fimbria. All clear 
June 13  Gonal F+ Pregnyl +IUI = BFN Stopped treatment with RE due to side effects from drugs and told we needed IVF.
Oct. 13 started Accupuncture and Chinese herbs- being monitored by RE. Getting better response- e2 and follie size. 
Now RE says TI till March, then IUI. Fingers crossed, 

All welcome

Re: Always trust your gut!

  • OH ***! I hate it when the docs dont listen to us.. or they dont look at everything!! So sorry!

    Me:38 DH:40 TTC for over 3 yrs~
    Every test known to man- comes out that we are both perfectly capable of conceiving- 

    Officially diagnosed with "unexplained infertility"

    7/17/13-1st try with 100mg Clomid+Novarel+Prog.
    7/25/13 Mid-cycle U/S- 4 Follicles! 17, 16,L 16,15 R
    7/25/13 Trigger shot
    8/6/13 Beta Blood Drawn... Big fat Neg. 
    New RE:- 101 tests done during break cycle.. All look great! green light to hit the deck running!
    9/18/13- Cd 1- FINALLY! 100 mg clomid CD3-7- 75iu Bravelle 7-10   
    9/30/13 Follie count.. 3 on right. 2 on left-- trigger today
    10/2/13- IUI #1
    10/15/13 Beta #1- BFN.. :(


  • I don't blame you at all for not trusting your RE anymore with what's happened.  I'm so sorry you didn't get all the info (including your AMH results from a  year ago!)  Good luck with finding a new RE and moving forward.

    TTC since July 2009. Dx MFI & LPD. 
    IUI#1&2&3 (2011 & 2012) BFN
    IUI#4 1/23/13 on 75iu x9 Follistim = BFP then chem preg m/c (Feb 2013)
    IUI#5 BFN (April 2013)
    IVF w/ICSI Oct. 2, 2012 - 13R, 11M, 7F, 1 frozen blast 4BB grade - - - FET Nov 15, 2013
    BFP! Beta 1:104 @ 10dp6dt, Beta 2:178 @ 12dp6dt,  beta 3:366 @ 14dp6dt
    Saw heartbeat twice before missed M/C at 8w3d on 12/27/13, missing my little angel boy
    JUNE 2014 IVF#2;  5R, 2M, 1F Three day transfer 6/7.  Beta 6/18 - BFN
    Child Free Now?

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  • image katib77:
    I don't blame you at all for not trusting your RE anymore with what's happened. nbsp;I'm so sorry you didn't get all the info including your AMH results from a nbsp;year ago! nbsp;Good luck with finding a new RE and moving forward.

    Ditto what Kati said. Good luck!

    Me: 32 DH: 35  TTC#1 since March 2012
    Dx: Poor Embryo Quality, Arcuate Uterus, Poor Uterine Blood Flow, Mild Endo, 
           Protein S Deficiency, Sjorgen's Syndrome 

    IUI #1-5: BFN
    Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy: minimal endo, partial septoplasty
    IVF #1: 10R/6M/6F ~ Day 3 ET = BFN
    IVF #2: 14R/9M/5F ~ transfer canceled ~ all embryos arrested at 1-2 cell stage
    IVF #3: 9R/5M/5F ~ 1 frosty!
    IVF #4 (FET #1): BFN

    IVF #5 (DE IVF #1 with Dr. KK protocol): Currently PREGNANT!!!!!!
    Synthroid + Prednisone + Metformin + Baby Aspirin + Supplements Galore = 15+ pills a day
    Lupron + Lovenox + Delestrogen + IVIG + B/W = 2-5 pokes a day
    19R, 17M, 17F - transferred two Grade A blasts 11/16, four frosties!!!
    Beta #1 11/24 (13dpo/8dp5dt) = 367 ~ Beta #2 11/26 (15dpo/10dp5dt) = 709
    Beta #3 11/29 (18dpo/13dp5dt) = 1,997 ~ Beta #4 12/1 (20dpo/15dp5dt) = 3,403


    My Blog: Running and Dreaming for Two ~ All are Welcome!
  • That is awful! I am so sorry you have had to go through all of that. Best of luck to you!
    TTC Since January 2012 Me:35 DH:32     DX July 2013: Unexplained Infertility      New DX Dec 2013: DOR
    BFP#1 6/4/12 EDD 2/13/13 M/C 6/6/12  BFP#2 2/21/13 EDD 11/3/13 M/C 2/26/13 BFP#3 C/P
    4 rounds of clomid, 2 with IUI = BFN
    November/December Retesting/Natural Cycle = Surprise BFP @ 11dpo! Beta#1 76.6@13dpo Beta #2 276@15dpo u/s#1 6w2d hb113 u/s#2 8w2d, measuring 8w4d hb168! 10w2d hb171 12w3d Verifi results are in and good! EDD 8/23 Our Baby Girl Rainbow Baby born 8/20/2014!!!
    image image 

  • I'm so sorry you're going through this and hope you conceive soon. Fingers crossed for you on this difficult journey.


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    • Diagnosed with poor luteal phase:14 days and ovulating but low progesterone: July 2013
    • First month on Progesterone 200mg: August 2013
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