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late 28 week appointment

So I had my 28 week appointment a week late today. Baby boy seems to be doing great with a heart beat around 156. My belly measures about 30ish weeks. When they weighed me, I became a little concerned. At week 24 I had only gained 16 or so pounds. But now I'm up to 28 pounds this entire pregnancy. Granted, I snuck a few unhealthy snacks in between the good things I eat. But a whole 11 pounds in 4 weeks. On top of that, my doc wants me to go to behavioral health because I seem overwhelmed. There is a lot of things going on. Dealing with DH's unit,him, the dogs, moving, this pregnancy and his parents. It's just become a little too much. A lot happened today that I can't fit in one post. But to say I feel like crap is an understatement.


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Re: late 28 week appointment

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    Baby could of hit a growth spurt. Sorry you're so stressed.

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  • Sorry you're feeling that way, behavioral health might be something really great to check out! Especially while tryin to juggle all of that.

  • I'm sorry your stressed :( 

    I gained 17 lbs between weeks 18 and 26. I had only gain 3 before that. Since then I've actually lost 1/2 a lb.

    Hopefully baby was just going through a growth spurt, I wouldn't worry about it too much. 


  • With the weight gain I am a strong believer in it coming on sporadically...Ive been down a pound one week, up four the next, remained the same the following week, up two the next. A couple of unhealthy choices here and there...well we're all going to do it!! As long as you and baby are healthy is all that matters.

    As a ftm, this is a busy and wild and sometimes overwhelming time, so if you have other atuff going on too I would take advantage of going to speak with someone. I think it is good for you and baby to have opportinity to get these things out.

    Take care

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