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what I hate the most about BF...

Ok... There's more than one thing I don't like... But I Hate when I get a clogged duct! I've never had mastitis, but if I ever get a clog I instantly feel sick.... Headache, chills, achey ugh!!! It was in one spot yesterday and a different spot today!
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Re: what I hate the most about BF...

  • I have been lucky to not have any clogged ducts or mastitis so the thing I hate most is how freaking hungry I am. All. The. Time. It is worse than when I was pregnant! 


    Good luck with your clogged duct. Hope it clears out fast. 

  • I had lots of clogged ducts with my first children.  Try to keep massaging it (which hurts worse, I know), and if you are overfull from LO eating less (nursing strike, decreased appetite, etc.), express some milk by hand.  I hope you feel better soon.
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  • I was having this problem, I think due to baby sleeping through the night (lucky I know) and the milk supply backing up during this sleep time. I ended up with mastitis and it was horrible. I started setting my alarm for 12:30, and now I wake up and pump every night. I still get a good amount of sleep, but no more issues with clogged ducts. Plus I have a very nice back up supply of milk for those days baby is extra hungry or I'm away longer then expected, etc. 
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