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Grrrr DH rant!

Anyone else's DH come home from work like he's exhausted with a full night's sleep and offers little help in the evening? It like he assumes being home all day with a newborn and a 5 YO is a walk in the park. When he falls asleep on the couch makes my blood boil! Ugh...rant over.

Re: Grrrr DH rant!

  • Yeah, my DH slept on the couch today. He works nights. He woke up after several hours complaining he was still sleepy, so he curled up on the couch again... in my favorite nursing spot, I should add... and went back to sleep.

    He has no idea how close he came to getting nailed with poopfilled diapers.
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    Oh yes. I have decided men are just grown babies. Or women are machines hah!
  • This made me feel a little better! Like maybe my husband isn't a complete idiot and others are doing the same. I feel like I'm rarely nice to him when he comes home from work because he said he needs to "unwind" before taking over baby duties. So from 79 he eats, does whatever he wants. Takes the baby from 911 before he turns in for the night, and I'm supposed to be super grateful for my 2 hour break before I take over again. We had a talk last night about it, we will see if it helps.
  • I could have written your post.
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    I could have written your post.

    Me too. I have a wonderful husband by all accounts, but 99 percent of the baby duty is falling on me, and its making me bitter and angry! He has been sleeping in our den so he is well rested for work, sleeps a solid 7 hrs while I'm up with the baby all night. He is at work for 10 hrs then plops on the couch like he is exhausted. Wtf?!

    The other night she was crying and I said, she must have a wet diaper, twice. He didn't take the hint so I picked her up and stormed off to change her and cried while doing it. My meltdown prompted a much needed convo about him pulling his weight with her more when hes home. Men!

  • I agree for the most part... My Dh is usually the stay at home parent so our roles are typically reversed. I normally work 4050 hours a week and when would do all the morning routines and nighttime routines with our daughter... So if I worked a full day I would come home and take over as soon as I walked in the door, bath/bed whatever. It was exhausting!
    Now I'm on mat leave with our second baby and he's working to earn extra cash while I'm out and yet when he gets home he either eats or heads straight to the bathroom for an hour before even dealing with either child.

    On one hand I'm furious because when the situation was reversed I was expected to relieve him as soon as I walked in the door but on the other hand I have been the working parent and its hard to switch modes walkin in the door..

    Being that I have done both I have to say staying home is one hundred times easier than working full time and commuting and then having the kids at night. Although yes I do need beaks when I'm home alone w them and a shower would be a nice bonus I still can see the other side because when I go back to work I plan on coming home and not feeling ANY guilt about the nights I want to head to the bathroom lol... Trust me I will be reminding him of this time he's had to do the same.
  • I go back to work in 4 weeks, so I will come home and sit on the couch!! Except, I would absolutely never do that because I WANT to spend time with my kids that I haven't seen all day!
  • I was okay with doing most (99%) of the baby care while on leave but I am back to work now and it isn't okay!

     DH is pretty good about doing everything for DD (2 yo) while I do everything for DS (newborn).  However, I get frustrated that DH isn't as "in tune" with DD's needs and he likes to bend rules for her because it is easier on him. 

    I do want to kick him when we wants to take a nap on the weekends because he is sooo tired. Um we went to bed at the same time, woke up at the same time but I was up 3 freaking times throughout the night and I don't get a nap!

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  • I don't have two kids, just the one but I understand. My DH complains about how tired he is all the time, then sits at his freaking computer all night. I'm this close to taking a bat to his computer. The past 48 hours I've gotten 7 hours sleep... Total. But he's the tired one. rolls eyes

    I've had several break downs because I'm do tired I can't see straight.

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  • In the same boat.  DH works a lot but he rarely helps with the baby, as in he acts like he is doing me a HUGE favor by holding her for the 5 mins it takes me to shower in the evening.  So frustrating.  With DS his father used to give me a break for an hour in the evenings and would take care of everything DS needed.  I thought I would have that this time around but no such luck.  There have been stretches of days where DH hasn't even picked DD up.  Its sad.
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