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Appt Today

My EDD is tomorrow -

I woke up this morning at 5am with contractions every 5 minutes. I was told not to call in until I can't breathe through them. I couldn't sleep, but I could breathe. I had my weekly appointment today so I just waited to see what he said when I went in. When they checked me I am 100% effaced and 1cm dilated... I'm not sure if that means if I am very close to labor since I am 100% effaced. My BP was 136/90 and I am super swollen. They hooked me up to monitors to do a stress test - they said baby looked great according to that, but wanted to have me get an US done. We went down and had one done - baby got all points except for trying out his/her lungs.. The tech said baby looked great. I go back in on Monday and OB will decide what he wants done then with me. I have been experiencing a lot of nausea and headaches as well. 


I also think the tech slipped when checking out the baby on the Ultrasound... She said, "this is her arching her back." We had the same tech at our 20 week U/S and she said she refers everything to "he" because she has boys at home. I think she may have slipped since we are TEAM GREEN! But it could have just been something she said as well...


How close am I if I am 100% effaced? but only 1 cm dilated? I am a FTM and not sure how this whole effacement vs. dilation works!!

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Re: Appt Today

  • I'm a FTM too but I have been 90 to 100 percent effaced and 1cm dilated for 2 weeks now. Hopefully, it means its getting close, for both of us tho!! Good luck!!
  • Have your contractions stop???
  • I absolutely HATE when I hear that a woman has been told not to come in until she is in "this much" pain with contractions!!!!!
    If I would have listened to that I would have had my DS with no meds, no doc, no anything. I would have had him at home and not even realized I was in labor until It was too late. I didn't even feel my contractions, the only reason I went in was because I couldn't stop throwing up and my head was KILLING me.

    That little rant over, if you're really worried though go in anyway. But I'm only saying that because of my personal experience.

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