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Bath time

Can we take a bath? From what I've read we can, I just feel like it could hurt the baby. But I really want to take one when I am having mild cramps!

Re: Bath time

  • From what I have read you shouldn't get your core body temp too hot... So a less hot/shorter time in the bath should be ok?
  • As long as you're not in a super hot tub you should be fine.

  • You can definitely take a bath.  That got me through the end of my last pregnancy.  Just don't let yourself get to where you feel too hot/over heated-- I think it'd be hard to get a bath that hot anyways.



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  • Yeah, as long as your bath temp. doesn't feel like a hot tub you should be fine.
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  • My doc says its fine : she says that as long as I can step into the water automatically without having to "get used" to the water being too hot, I'm fine. Just had a nice bath tonight actually :

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  • I would recommend you make sure DH is home and knows you're in the tub and ensure you don't lock the door just in case. I needed baths with my first pregnancy because of back pain but had one bath with major dizzy spell getting up.
    I wouldn't let it stop me but I just wouldn't do it without all the precautions. Enjoy!
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  • My doctor said that water in a tub cools so quickly that as long as it is not too hot to start, you should be fine. I feel like my body temp is up by 90 degrees anyway I'm curled up with an ice pack right now in an air conditioned room! so a hot bath sounds like torture!
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