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Don't feel pregnant!

Ugh. I'm almost 6 weeks and don't feel pregnant at all. My boobs are just a little sore. But that's it. I get scared because I just don't feel it! I get scared that the baby isnt growing. I wish I Had more symptoms, mainly because I had a very early miscarriage not too long ago.

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  • I never had symptoms til 8-9 weeks. This time, I'm tired early on...must be a boy. :)
  • I'm in the exact same boat! I'm 5 weeks and only have sore boobs! 
  • I just want reassurance! Lol. I'm so impatient! :/
  • That's what we are hoping for! But I just want a healthy baby, if its a girl I will be happy also.
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    I'm exactly the same way at 6 weeks - slightly sore boobs & a little gassy, but that's it.  I've also had an early loss, so I completely understand.  I actually had my 1st ultrasound with my RE which reassured me, but before the ultrasound he asked how I was feeling.  I told him I was feeling good which was stressing me out.  He told me that feeling miserable doesn't mean your pregnancy is any healthier or stronger, all it means is that you feel miserable!  While I still would appreciate some more symptoms showing up to reassure me, I felt better after hearing that from him. 

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      He told me that feeling miserable doesn't mean your pregnancy is any healthier or stronger, all it means is that you feel miserable!  

    Good advice.  I had no symptoms with my son (at least in first tri).  He's happy and healthy.  Not so lucky this time around.  Try not to worry.

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  • I feel your pain! I'm 7 weeks tomorrow and I feel like normal and I hate it! I don't have my first u/s till the 29th. Everyone says feel blessed but the reassurance would be nice.
  • Same boat. A little misery would be nice. Staying positive is becoming increasingly difficult. But, right now, i'm thanking my lucky stars aren't any bad symptoms. Holding out hope til the 31st for 1st appt.
  • I am in the same boat right now, just found out today that I am pregnant, I will be 5 weeks next Tuesday. This is my 5th pregnancy unfortunately all have ended in miscarriage. This time around I only have sore boobs and have been extremely tired for about 2 weeks. I worry because I don't have many symptoms but I try to remind myself that the other times I had all the symptoms including morning sickness very badly but still lost the babies, so I try to tell myself maybe this is gods way of helping me to really enjoy this one other than being tired lol and hopefully everything will turn out great this time around.
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