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I just dont understand.. pregnant and not know it?

I was reading some ladies symptoms.. and I know my own symptoms. And it got me to thinking. Have you ever watched that show about women who don't know they are pregnant until they get to the hospital.,. some I have seen where they delivered at work or in a bathroom. How in the world could it be possible to be 9 months and not even know you were pregnant?

I knew before I even missed AF that I was pregnant.. I got BFP at 3w4d. My body felt different and I just knew something was going on.

A lady at my work said she was almost 6 months pregnant when she found out she was pregnant.. and it was her 6th baby. 

It just blows my mind. Thoughts?


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Re: I just dont understand.. pregnant and not know it?

  • Honestly, with the lady on her 6th pregnancy, i can easily see how she would be too busy to notice. Besides being tired, not having AF and having slightly bigger boobs, i don't have many changes going on (not nauseous, no hypersensitive sniffer) - i can see how you might miss my pregnancy if you weren't paying attention. 
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  • Every pregnancy is different. One of my friends was into her second trimester when the doc told her she was pregnant with her second child. The entire 1st trimester she had a period, no m/s, no weight gain and still on the pill. Obviously she was mortified that she had no clue and hadn't been preparing her body for it (prenatals etc). 

    I knew right away, but I was trying so like I said everyone is different. I do find it hard not to realize it until you're in labor, but I guess if you were still getting what appeared to be a period and had minimal symptoms it's possible not to know. 

  • Blows my mind too. As if throwing up and nausea aren't a clear enough sign then you start feeling movement and get big.
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  • iEricaiErica
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    Baffles me.  I know some women aren't TTC, of course.  And get pregnant. Maybe they bleed, assume it's their period.  And not all women get symptoms, especially in the beginning.   Maybe it baffles me because I have a TON of symptoms.  And I had them right from week 4, a teeny earlier. If I had those symptoms and wasn't TTC, and had what I thought was a period.. my arse would probably be at a doctor trying to figure out WTF is wrong with me. 

    I just feel really pregnant already, even without any type of belly. And how you go even further and not realize your belly is growing and not feel the kicks is even more puzzling.

  • I can see missing it for awhile. Like right now other than missing AF I have no real noticeable symptoms. I mean, my boobs are sore and I had diarrhea but if I wasn't TTC I probably wouldn't connect those to pregnancy. I just don't know how some women make it full term or close to it without ever feeling the baby move! I could actually see DS' hand up against my belly and there were times he felt like he was doing gymnastics, way more than I would assume were gas bubbles!

  • I think it's easier to "not know you're pregnant" if you weren't necessarily trying to conceive. When you start TTC you are extremely aware of every twinge and change in your body on a daily basis. If you aren't paying much attention I think you can easily overlook the symptoms.
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  • I love that show!!!

    I've seem some that it makes sense they couldn't tell.  (One I saw had MS ad couldn't feel the baby and another one had significant scar tissue.)  There are others where I think they're pretty silly for not thinking something.

    I do have a friend who didn't find out with her third until 20 weeks.  She was on BC, nursing her 2nd, and actually lost weight.  I do think she missed her period, but she and her doctor contributed that to the type of BC she was on.  She eventually went in because she felt the baby kick, took a test and then insisted on going in right then.  It's funny when she tell the story because the OB guessed her at 8 weeks based on her "size" and the U/S showed 20! 

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  • I don't have a lot of symptoms right now (almost 7w) and I could very easily believe that I'm not pregnant. The bloat could just as easily be weight gain.

    But I remember the baby's movement from my first pregnancy, especially once I got into 3rd tri. MH joked that it was like those alien movies. If I didn't know that it was a baby, I'd have freaked the hell out feeling all of those flips and kicks. 

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  • jwls84jwls84
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    If you weren't trying and reading into every little twinge your body makes I could see you not realizing. Also most of those women have irregular cycles so that makes it more believable.
    However I couldn't imagine going 9 months without noticing, I mean I was HUGE the day I went into labour.
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  • I don't understand how those women don't recognize the baby kicking them. One episode this chick just thought it was gas? Ummm no it's nothing like gas. And not to mention you can see their legs/feet just moving around in there. I really don't get it.
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