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Anna's Birth Story w/ PIPs - Finally (XP)

I'm alive! I want to thank everyone so much for their support throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum period. Thank you thank you thank you to ncchnat, the best labor buddy in the world, who sent me encouraging texts at all hours while I was in total despair. 

Short version: I was semi-induced, labored for around 20 hours mostly without the epi and ended up with an emergency cs due to decels, and there was some meconium drama.

Long version: 

On Monday I was at 40 weeks 6 days, no progress since last appointment. OB said "should we start some trouble?" and I said yes. He felt that with me at 4'11/small pelvis and H at 6'1, and no progress, we were approaching a 'no win' situation of either attempting to deliver a larger overdue baby vaginally and getting a c-section, or attempting to induce and possibly getting a c-secition anyway. So the decision was made for me to come in that evening for cervidil and then pitocin.

Our appt was 8 pm. At 7 the hospital called to push us back to Tuesday, but H insisted we go. I was having contractions so when we showed up we pretended not to receive the message and I said I was in early labor. They hooked me up and what do you know, I was. From 8-12 I contracted every 5-9 minutes, but they never got closer together or more intense. I did efface pretty much all the way and dilated to 1 cm, so they skipped cervidil and started pitocin at 12. Baby at -2. (She'd slide to -3 later in delivery and never make it far.)

Like the martyr I think I am I labored with no meds for a couple hours, then got fentanyl through the IV at 3 am ish which took the edge off but not the pain. That was fine, but I was having murderous contractions 2-3 minutes apart and only dilated to about a 3. Around 8 am the doc did his rounds and I think I was 5 cm. I was still refusing the epi out of fear of the needle. He broke my waters and said "there's meconium" and I started crying and shaking. He expressed he wanted me to get the epi so he could up the pitocin/my body could relax and I agreed. 

10 am - got the epi. Hated it but it was a huge relief. Nobody seemed to think I'd dilate to 10 cm, not even me at that point. They gave me an oxygen mask because LO's heartrate dropped or something around 2 pm, then OB checked me and said with surprise that I was at 8 cm. After that things happened more quickly. He came in around 3 pm and said I was ready to push. I pushed with the nurse 12 times (4 rounds of 3) but she asked me to stop and consulted with the OB. They prepped me for surgery because LO's heartrate was decelerating and her distress was continuing throughout the next few contractions even if I didn't push.

I was hysterical now because a) I was terrified of surgery b) I was afraid for LO because the nurse had said vaginal was better for meconium deliveries and c) H had looked up the meaning of meconium and realized what was at stake. (I already knew from my time on PGAL.) But I was comforted that OB was waiting until his appointments were over at 5 pm (two hours from the end of pushing) because that meant the situation was not an emergency.

They wheeled me in a little early at 4:30. I threw up everywhere, shook like a leaf, then kind of dozed off while they cut me open. Someone finally let H in and at 5:15 pm, they pulled LO out, did their anti-meconium measures whatever those are, and she wailed like a duck. They let H hold her, briefly showed her to me, then whisked her off to the nursery where H watched her get the tube down her throat to clear out the mec fluid.

OB explained that she'd been sunny side up, trying to fit through my small pelvis, plus had the cord around her neck, arm and leg. Basically she was a mess! 

An hour later they brought her to me in recovery to nurse. They offered to give her a bottle instead because I was so tired and out of it, but I insisted while my mom stood watch to make sure I didn't fall asleep or drop her. I do regret kind of missing out on those first few hours with her. I was so tired I could barely speak; all I did was shake and blink a lot.

And now, Anna as I first saw her in my anesthesia-induced haze right before being taken to the nursery:


Isn't she sly? 

BFP#1: 7/19/12 EDD: 03/15/2012 M/C: 7/28/12 - I love you always, Lily!
BFP #2: 10/28/12 EDD: 07/09/13 

My beautiful little rainbow baby girl born July 16th, 2013.

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