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Washer issues

Ok. So we rent.  Our last washer had rust in the tub but worked perfectly aside from that. Well our landlord bought us a new washer.  It is from Home Depot and is an Admiral. Total,low end and I am VERY unimpressed. It has horrible reviews and my clothes do not seem clean after a first wash. WWYD? It just does not seem agitate well and I said I am very unimpressed.  Thoughts? Help?
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Re: Washer issues

  • I don't know if this is an option for you or not but DH and I also rent and bought our own washer and dryer. The set that was in the house was old and crap and we knew that even if the landlord replaced it they would buy the cheapest option. We plan to buy a house in a few years so we decided we would invest in a nice set.

    As far as washing CDs in the washer you have I don't have any advice as my LO won't be here until October so I have no experience yet!
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  • I think I would bring it up to the landlord. If he's providing the unit, it has to perform well. It should definitely clean clothes!

    that said, who knows if he'll even care. I know our dryer desperately needs to be serviced...and ours is a unit in our rental house...and for some reason we're responsible for getting it serviced? So who knows 

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