I have given up. I have used gSE and Apo and DD is on nystatin. But today the dr called in Difulcan. What probiotics should I get?



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  • I haven't used it personally but I've heard great things about Culturelle.
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  • Midwife recommended putting plain Greek yogurt on my nipples, wiping away before nursing, and eating yogurt. I figure it's worth a shot!
  • Have you tried using Gentian Violet? We had a thrush issue and this helped tremendously!! But it sounds like the thrush you are battling has turned into a particularly resistant version. Really, any live active yogurt will do. 

  • Gentian Violet is awesome. I know the label says no internal use, but my Pedi said it is ok. I guess they use to use it all the time for thrush. We ended up using it after yogurt and then several rounds of meds failed to work.

    You may need to call several pharmacies to get your hands on it. You can get it without a script, but it is kept in the pharmacy. Use a Q tip and paint babies mouth, tongue, inside lips and so on with it. You can also use it on your nipples. I was told to use it 2-3 times a day. Beware, it stains clothes (and skin) purple. So keep a bib on baby or have them wear outfits you do not care about.

    For us, it cleared up in 3 days.
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    I would also recommend gentian violet. I called first and was able to find it at CVS in the pharmacy.



  • G violet also worked for me. I was told to make sure it's only 1, no more or it will hurt babyI think that's the Amt of alcohol. I painted my nips once a day and put olive oil on Lo's face so it doesn't stain as bad. Amazon has it too.
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  • I have a bad case of thrush right now.  

    Here's my treatment plan:

     DS gets nystatin 4x daily after nursing. 

    After nursing I rinse with vinegar & water (50/50) and let it air dry a few minutes.  Then I use GSE and let it air dry more.  3x a day I put on nystatin after, other times I put on coconut oil.  The last feeding at night I put on gentian violet (consequently DS gets gentian violet at the first morning feeding).  I put lanolin on DS's face to help with staining.  

    We've been using the nystatin for about 4 days now, I just started GSE and GV yesterday.   I am seeing improvement, but it's slow!!!

  • I forgot to add: everything that was used that day is boiled for 20-30 minutes at night (paci, any bottles/nipples, pump parts, etc.) and any burp rags or clothes (my bra and shirt in particular) are washed on the sanitation cycle.  

    I fully admit I was half- treating the thrush for the first while... then it exploded across my entire breast and I'm not halfway doing anything about this anymore!  LOL 

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