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What are you plans for this weekend? 

Re: Weekend Plans

  • I am going to a babyshower tomorrow, we will go to church in the evening, and I would like to go for a bike ride if it cools off.  No big plans.
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  • DS came home from school sick and I'm enormous. I see a lot of tv and naps in our weekend.
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  • We were planning on having dinner and swimming at the pool, but it is cloudy and thundering at the moment:(.  Tomorrow, my husband has a golf outing, so dd and I will go to the gym, swim, and run errands.  In the evening we have a sitter to go out for our anniversary.  On Sunday, we have 2 birthday parties.
  • We were supposed to go support my sister in the NJ state triathlon and spend the weekend doing fun stuff, but I'm on day 3 with a fever from severe mastitis so we may need to cancel. I'm really sad about missing her race.
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  • The ice cream festival is in town this probably that and just running around/errands things. Reese has Gymboree in the morning so there is that too. 

  • No real plans :( 

    Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to storytime and then Target. Church on Sunday. That's it.  

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  • not much tonight. 

    Tomorrow. I am going to get a haircut / Mani Pedi.  H and I are doing a date night w/friends in the city, I can not wait.  

    Sun, going to a brunch. Home for the rest of the day to hang with H and kids. 

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  • Niece/nephew are staying the night tonight with MIL coming over for dinner with us tonight. 

    SIL/BIL should pick up the kids about 11 tomorrow, so a big breakfast and a bike ride to the park is on the agenda. 

  • caybehcaybeh
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    When DS wakes, we are going to the arts and crafts street fair that is going on this weekend. I'm really excited! Sat evening we are having some friends over and will hopefully grill. Sunday is church and DH and I are working in the nursery during church.
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  • KC_13KC_13
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    Mostly recovering from vacation and outsourcing parenting to special agent Oso.

    well prob take the kids swimming for a few hours tomorrow and I have a cookout before work sun night.  

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  • Canoeing! Yay!
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  • Tonight is my weekly baby free night [be jelly], so hanging out with my sister. Tomorrow morning is Zumba, nothing tmrw while DH works, I'm sure we'll go out tmrw night, then church Sunday. The usual.

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  • Meeting up with the ILs one last time before they fly out.  They said something about going for a hike and playing at their hotel's pool.  Other than that, taking it easy.  The kids have been staying pretty busy this summer. 
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  • I have a wedding shower tomorrow and plans with a friend on Sunday. Hopefully we'll be able to get a couple small house projects done, like gluing down the brick retaining wall we built last weekend and digging out a stump from an evergreen bush we cut out.

    Oh, and vacuuming the rug in the baby's room so I can take pictures of it, I think it's finally finished.

  • Hoping to have a baby! Doing some batch/freezer cooking today and finishing up some work for my job. Tomorrow there's a parade that I'd like to make it to--my 13 year old sister will be marching in it with band. And then nothing planned for Sunday.
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  • Absolutely nothing.  Kind of bummed about it.  I miss living near friends and family and always have something to do.  Even if it was just hanging in my mom's backyard.

    Oh wait..I have to return movies to the library.  Big


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  • Packing for the move. 11 days to go and I have done almost nothing!


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  • We have dinner at my parents' tomorrow and H's company picnic on Sunday. Other than that, I've got nothing planned. We had a busy week, so I'll probably be busy recovering.

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  • H will be gone tonight for the 3rd night in a row. He's taking his mom to some concert, because she threw a big fit about no one taking her anywhere. So it's just me and ds tonight.

    Tomorrow we're going to a BBQ at a friend's house. He got a new smoker/grill and got better shade for their patio so they want to test it out. I just hope it's not 1000 effing degrees outside!

    Sunday we're going to my mom's for lunch after church.

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  • Our heat wave is supposed to break tomorrow, so maybe we can actually spend some time outside without melting.

    I am definitely getting a nice mani/pedi and organizing some more baby clothes on Saturday

    Sunday, H has to work.  I will probably take the kids to Star Wars day at our local children's museum 

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  • Tonight we are just hanging out. Tomorrow we may go to the park before it gets hot. Sunday we are going to Columbus and taking the girls to the zoo and water park.
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  • kmc217kmc217
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    Tomorrow is DD1's birthday party. Sunday not sure -- DH may go fishing in which case as long as the heat breaks, I'll take the girls swimming and possibly go to late afternoon church to pacify my grandmother who says I never go or take my kids to Sunday school. If DH doesn't fish, we will probably do something as a family. Sunday night the girls are sleeping at my mom's house for a playdate with her friend's grandkids on Monday morning.


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  • CnAmomCnAmom
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    I have been home alone all day and did some cleaning and napping. H is out picking up the dog from the vet and the kids from grandma's and we're having dinner delivered from a local pizza place.

    Tomorrow H has to work for a few hours and I'm just hanging out at home with the boys. We might go to the park if it doesn't rain.

    Sunday we're shopping. We were supposed to go oot but the vet bill was higher than we thought it would be, so we're putting that off for a couple of weeks.
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  • KateMWKateMW
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    DD has shows all weekend, so we're just hanging close to home. DH was out of town for the last part of the week, so he's exhausted and has a very big week at work next week, so he's up for some relaxing if I know him.

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  • Tomorrow morning we are going furniture shopping for a new kitchen table. Possibly swimming in the afternoon at my parents. Then tomorrow night I have Bunco. 

    Sunday is church and lunch with family.  We may swim again or just hang out at home. 

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  • DH cleaned and filled up the pool today so lots of swimming for the kids this weekend. I'm trying to get caught up on laundry, had a bit backed up from our washer breaking last weekend. More than likely going to Target tomorrow since they're having a great wipes sale, and we need to go get some dog food at the feed store.
  • alakealake
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    We are flying from Italy back to Canada in about three hours.  The rest of the weekend is going to be laundry and trying to get the kids re-adjusted to a 8 hour time zone change.
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