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packing anxiety!!

We're leaving for a trip tomorrow. Rental house for a week. I like to think of myself as a light packer, but I'm feeling like we have sooo many bags. Seriously, between toiletries, food, beach gear, toys, clothes, stroller, linens and towels... I'm almost worried it won't all fit in our economy rental car. I know in a lot of ways being at a house will be a lot more fun, but we're packing so much more stuff than we would be if we were staying at a hotel.
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Re: packing anxiety!!

  • I always tell myself I can buy anything I absolutely need when I get there.  As far as beach toys, I buy all that at the grocery store and just leave it.

    They don't have linens and towels in the rental house?

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  • It is hard to pack for a stay at a rental or cabin.  We bring so much stuff when we go and I consider myself a minimalist as well.  I also find that we have too many clothes and are fine with just one towel for the shower and the beach.  I bring DDs favorite toys, but just the smallest ones.  As for food, I stock up on stuff in advance, but whatever I haven't found on sale or needs refridgeration is bought when we get there.
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  • Yea, we have to bring our own towels and sheets. The germaphobe in me likes that though, lol.  And I just remembered toilet paper and paper towels. Food, we're just taking a small cooler with food for the road and enough to keep us happy for half a day when we get there. It all adds up though.

    I'm all about buying things there, but I also hate to spend money when we have things here that we can just take - like soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.

    And the beach toys were a special gift from DH's parents, especially for this trip. They're going to be there. And DD is sooo excited about them!

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  • I usually way over pack and a house rental is worse because I can fit more in the car. I like to take a laundry basket for the linens and towels and then it is really helpful once we are there for doing laundry. 

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