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Q: Favorite Baby Products You Can't Live Without?

Since there are so many products on the market to choose from, I was just curious what are the favs you just couldn't live without??

A few of mine are:

Baby Trend Flex Loc Carseat

Momma Brand Bottles

Baby Jogger Summit Double Stroller

and Zen Collection Cradle Swing

I'm interested to learn about some new products that I may have to try out this time around! - Thanks!

Re: Q: Favorite Baby Products You Can't Live Without?

  • Hands down, rock n play. I'd have paid $500 for it if that's how much it cost. The night gowns with the elastic at the bottom-so easy for MOTN diaper changes. Sound machine for white noise. Video monitor. I also really like his bath thing. It's a sling kind of contraption, that you use in your tub. So no big bulky infant tub to worry about storing and lugging around. And the Medela brand lanolin for my sore nips, if you're BF. 
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  • Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets: Not only do I use them for swaddling, but I use them for a nursing cover up and an added sun cover for DS in the carseat or stroller.

    Carter's Lap Pads: Just put them down in the cradle under LOs head and you don't have to change sheets constantly when LO spits up. Just switch the pad. They are also great as changing pad covers.

    Safety 1st Clic It: My must have SnG for 2U2. Huge basket...I was able to lug close to 150 diapers in it one morning and all of the daycare stuff.  My older LO helps push it in to daycare. There is no way I could make it in and out of the daycare in one trip without this little stroller.

    4 Moms Mamaroo: Priceless. My younger DS naps in this one and it allows me to get things done around the house or tend to my older DS.

    Valco Snap Dual: Love it. Lightweight, opens in one step, big wheels, and even goes over grass.  It has a HUGE basket, although I haven't used that feature yet.  We've just been going on evening walks in the neighborhood with it...when it's not too hot. It's also newborn rated so you don't need to have LO in a car seat.



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  • Ergo-baby carrier! I was in love with my Bjorn for my first child, but my new guy is a little chunk, and the Bjorn was killing me. I am astounded at how much better my back feels since we switched! (I still liked the bjorn until my son hit about 15 pounds)
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    Mam soothers (said as I pop back in her mouth to prolong nap).

    Manduca baby carrier.  Car seat stays in car, pop baby out and into carrier...she'll nap for up to 2hrs while I run errands and she'll just watch the world go by when she wakes.

    BOB stroller, we got the fixed wheel's done some pretty aggressive hikes so far!  Oddly she rarely rides in it at this point (she prefers the manduca carrier) but man does it carry our gear for us!!!


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    - Fisher Price Rock n Play

    - Swaddle Me's with the slit cut in the back so you can use them with the above & strap baby in

    - Lansinoh Soothies for BF'ing

    - Cloth Diaper stash

    - Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

    - Beco Gemini carrier

    - Nose Freida aka the Snot Sucker

    - Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

    - Boon "spoon" that screws onto the end of baby food pouches

    - Walmart's store brand nursing tanks (I know everyone loves the Target ones, but they just didn't fit me right.) 

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  • Rock N Play, Boppy, FP jumperoo, FP little lamb swing, Aden & Anais muslin blankets.
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  • Oh! And if you're nursing, LilyPadz! They ate silicone nursing pads and they are the best! Holds the milk in and keeps sore nipples from rubbing way better than the cotton pads.
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  • Tommee Tippee milk bibs

    A&A swaddle blankets

    A swing, any swing, lol

    My woven wrap and my Ergo

    Travel system

    I guess I couldn't have lived without my exercise ball since I bounced DD on it for HOURS, but I wish I'd had a rocking chair instead, lol

    There are more things, but I can't remember right now. ;-)

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  • 1. Breast friend pillow- Amazing for the difficult task of learning how to BF. I took it with me everywhere.

    2. A wipe warmer made a huge difference in a happier baby during diaper changes. 

    3. A carrier so you can do things around the house. I had a baby bjorn with the extra back protection. Made a big difference for your back. Using an Ergo this time around.

    4. Madela nipple cream. I tried some natural pure organic lanolin uhhhh when your boobs feel torn up and raw go with madela. It lubbed up my jacked nipples and healed them the best.

    5. A great stroller you can push with one hand because of the art of multitasking and needing extra hands. We had a Chameleon and I loved the stroller itself and the extra accessories. A carrier for your phone, a cup holder & a snack tray. Love, love, loved our stroller!!

    What I wish I got...

    1. A good bra. I went on the cheap and bought the Target nursing bras. While they work and are comfy let me just say that in pictures I had saggy snoopy boobs and that was NOT cute. Learning my lesson this time around.

    2. A good travel crib. We got a cheapo pack n play and it was heavy, hard to use and 100% uncomfortable for our LO. we have used it only a handful of times because it's bulky and hard to use. I wish we fit the lightweight Baby Bjorn Travel Crib because it would've been used so much more! 

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  • Lots of cool things mentioned! You'd think by your 3rd child you'd know them all, but nope! I am 100% trying the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets this time around! And i'll look into those Lily Padz too! Thanks!
  • Gerber cloth diapers to use a burp cloths. Way more absorbent. 

    The Happiest Baby on the Block dvd.  It's like magic.

    SwaddleMe's instead of trying to use a receiving blanket. 100 million times easier.
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  • The rock n play and the boba carrier!!! I take DS in the carrier everywhere!
  • Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddle blankets - so versatile, I use them everywhere! To swaddle my LO before bed, as a nursing cover, to protect the car seat and/or stroller from the sun. They are perfect for everything, and very lightweight so work great for my summer baby. Baby Jogger City Select stroller - with bassinet -- the stroller itself is fabulous. One handed push/steering, great on rougher terrain, HUGE basket for shopping, ahem, I mean baby gear. The bassinet, even though the time frame in which I'll use it is quite limited is wonderful! My LO loves to play on her activity mat, look in her mirror and stretch. With the bassinet I can bring most of that to her while we are out and about. We spent an entire day shopping 2 hrs away from home the other day. If she had been strapped into the car seat/stroller seat all day she would have been miserable. I attached her mirror to the side of the bassinet and she played by herself in there while we would shop. Mamaroo - just is wonderful! LO loves it, she is actually sleeping in there right now Rocking chair - I use this every night in the nursery for MOTN feedings. It's a godsend. LO falls right back asleep after she eats when I rock in that
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  • Beco Gemini carrier

    Fisher Price Rock N Play

    Fisher Price Rainforest bouncer
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  • I recently received l.parris organic hemp burp cloths as a baby gift, and they are by far the most absorbent burp cloths I have used, plus they are so adorable.  Highly recommended.
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    Rock N Play

    Moby Wrap

    A+A blankets

    Swaddle Mes

    Chicco Keyfit Infant Seat

    Boon Lawn and Twig drying Rack
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  • Rock N Play, A+A blankets, white noise iPhone app, California Baby calendula cream, Wubbanub pacifier, and a really comfortable rocking chair.

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  • Boppy! My 19 month old still uses his , a&a blankets , Tiny Love 3in1 infant sleeper, moby wrap, Fisher Price cradle swing , Beco Soleil carrier ( I just love this carrier!), Phil and Teds double stroller . For babies that are a bit bigger I love Sophi the giraffe ( magical ) , Robezz shoes , Jumparoo. With each of my four kids there have been different products that have worked best so my favorites would really be base on the individual child .
  • I have three somewhat random entries:

    The First Years Spin Store Dry Rack: We bottle fed so my life was all about washing bottles for more than a year. I didn't want to put them in the dishwasher and didn't want the parts going the same dish drainer we use for dishes/pots/pans so I got this bottle drying rack.  I love this thing.  Takes up minimal space and it has two levels that you can separate so I take the smaller level when we travel. I'm still using it for sippies!|pdp|10454183|ClickCP|item_page.new_vertical_1&lnk=Rec|pdp|ClickCP|item_page.new_vertical_1

    The second thing I absolutely love and have used for well over a year are these Carter's Keep Me Dry Flannel Bassinet Pads.  I have used them for changing pads for DS since he was born.  The same ones.  I can't believe how well they have held up.  I got them as a gift at my shower - I love it when moms share their go-to items with other moms!

    And, third, these Carter's swaddle blankets.  The perfect blanket for swaddling an infant, IMO.

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  • I'm pretty much not a "stuff" collector, so most of these lists were extras I never used or didn't get used regularly. I liked having a decent diaper bag (that took me a long time to narrow down), a quality stroller, and car seat that fit my kids in my car. That list might not be the same for everyone. I did always have a ton of oversized receiving blankets, the regular weren't much use for anything. Good for swaddling, nursing, burping, playing on the floor, you name it, rather than having a different product for each of these.

    Out of diaper bags, the best everyday one I've had was hands down the JuJuBe. For "nice" Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake...very pretty, but not everyday practical.

    Car seats - Infant: I've only ever used one. Yup, you got it. Not a fan of this style. But, for those that do, I really did like how easy the Graco Snugride 35 was to use. But I had room in my van for that. I also like the Keyfit and the Comfy Carry Elite.

    Convertible - (keep in mind I'm Canadian, I'm only suggesting what I've had an opportunity to use regularly, I will be missing seats on my list that are good) Guide 65, Graco MyRide, Diono/SSK Radian and Clek Foonf. Hoping soon to try out an Apt and Sureride.

    Combo harness to booster - Frontier. Hands down. I don't mind the Nautilus, but the Frontier is for me the preference, from the install to how it angles/fits the child, to even the harness staying nice. I'm okay with the Maestro, but it's too short for my girls.

    Booster - Graco Turbobooster, both hbb and lbb. Also the Parkway.

    Strollers - out of all the strollers I've had, my Chariot is hands down my favorite. I've also really liked my Phil and Ted's Sport and Smart and Peg Perego Elegante. Lots didn't make my list.

    Travel Cot - Phil and Ted's Traveller. My Evenflo and Graco pnp's were just okay. The best of those was the ones that were perfectly square, the totblock playyard I think it was called.

    I also swear by the Ikea toy storage units.


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  • Love our chico keyfit car seat and stroller.

    Snugabunny rnp was the only thing she'd sleep in the first 2 months.

    Sleep sacks and swaddle me.

    Bobby! We had a big fail with breast feeding so I now exclusively pump and this ha been a life saver to use to feed LO while pumping when my husband is working.  This is the only way I can get some of my pumping sessions in as my LO is very fussy and had to be held constantly the first couple of months.

    Love our wubbanub we get compliments everywhere we go, apparently this is only known by bump peeps.

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  • Miracle blanket Britax b agile stroller and b safe car seat Boppy Wubbanub pacifier Medea PISA pump Bravado body silk nursing bras Happiest baby on the block DVD
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