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Keratin treatment

I just had one today along with some highlights. I asked my OB about it and she said it was ok in the 2nd trimester. I did the Keratin Express. Anyone else have this done while pregnant? I heard sometimes pregnancy hormones make it not work as well.

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Re: Keratin treatment

  • So I heard pregnancy can change you hair with like hormones and stuff going on. I know my hair gets extremely oily and have to wash it every day when I only had to donut every 2 to 3 days. I'm not sure how the keritin will take though. The highlights should e fine though.
    I want to get highlights but I don't want too ha ha ha.
  • Omg, are you serious? We can get Keratin treatments?!? I could totally reach through TB and hug you right now. I heard no chemicals except hair dye. I will ask my OB on Monday. I live in humid Chicago and lets just say... I look like Monica from Friends when she went on vacation to the tropical island.  It's bad, really bad. 

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