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Crazy gender surprise!

My sil had her baby early this morning and it's a girl! 

Back story: They have a 22mo boy.  Mom is AMA. They wanted this pregnancy to be a surprise so no finding out early.  But because of her AMA there was extra blood work done including DNA. Bil and sil accidentally see the results page briefly and see DNA: y.  They think this whole time that they are having a boy and out comes a girl! Apparently the results read something to the effect of "no y found" but because they didn't want the know, the doc never went over the results with them.  They also kept this "knowledge" of the DNA a secret so most people in the extended family and friends had no idea there was the assumption of a boy.  

We are all in shock! It's great because sil wanted a girl soooo bad.  


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Re: Crazy gender surprise!

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