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I didn't see one of these yet and I've been waiting all week to share. I hope you all don't mind that I got it started. 

I secretly slightly enjoy when DD has a meltdown at my ILs and we have to leave after about an hour. I don't like that she's melting down but I do like that we get to leave. It's not that I have any major issues with my ILs; it's just that we're completely different people. Plus most of the time DD is melting down because she's hungry and my MIL won't give her to me so I can feed her. She thinks singing her children songs will calm her down. Yes, MIL, itsy bitsy spider will stop this baby from crying.

Also, yesterday I became that mom- you know, the one who has the shopping bags in the stroller while DH carries the baby. Yup, that was us. 

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  • image Meggy T.:

    Also, yesterday I became that mom- you know, the one who has the shopping bags in the stroller while DH carries the baby. Yup, that was us. 

    LOL done that.

    Mine: My mom offered to take me shopping for new clothes tomorrow and I'm letting her. I feel guilty but I'm broke and I need new work clothes and shoes. I can see my underwear through my pants right now and my shoes no longer have fabric in them, just plastic :P

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  • Thank you for starting this - I have one that I have been saving up too!

    Tomorrow afternoon I'm leaving to go to a girlfriend's bachelorette party in Boston. We are staying out all night and getting a hotel room so I won't be back until the next day. DH is watching DS so I know he's in good hands. :-) The confession part is I thought I would feel guilty for leaving LO for so long, but I really don't! I'm psyched to have a chance to cut loose!!!! Woooo!!! 


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  • I posted earlier that I am spotting. I secretly hope it is implantation bleeding. Don't tell dh. But if not, I really hope this doesn't keep it up, my periods already last 9 days, I don't need a few days of spotting too!
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  • I volunteer at a rodeo and fair that ran last weekend and I am usually in charge of sponsorshi which means some of my job is collect banners of sponsors, hang them, then remove them at the end of the weekend. I avoided most of my work because of LO... Everyone did it for me because "I had a baby to take care of"... And as much as I hate not being self-sufficient, I was secretly grateful that I did not need to do those jobs.  Some volunteer, huh?
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    The other day E was napping when my husband got home from work. It was the perfect chance for some lovin, but he wanted to shower first. As soon as I heard the shower running I sprinted to the bedroom and brought E out to the living room to feed her. I may have poked and prodded her a little bit to wake her up and then blamed her for no lovin.
    I felt bad, but sex is so infrequent now that I actually get nervous about it like it's our first time.
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  • Last night I farted and it was so bad that DH checked DS's diaper to see if he'd pooped.  When DH asked me if I'd farted, I totally blamed DS. 

  • Mine is sort of trivial, I guess lol. But I've stopped washing new clothes DS gets before he wears them. I just rip the tags off and get him dressed. The laundry is piling up as it is, without the added load of washing things that aren't "dirty" in the traditional sense. So far, no rashes or crazy skin reactions.
  • We're going on vacation next week and as much as I love the place we're going, I'm not really looking forward to it. First of all, I always pack EVERYTHING except DH's clothes, which is a lot of stuff since we'll be in a cabin [no bedding, towels, etc.]. Second, we will be very limited in what we're able to do since DD needs her naps or else she's a mess. I feel like one of us will be tied to the room a lot while she's napping. I'm also worried about the fact that there's only one room. DD goes to bed at 8:00, there's no way DH and I will also go to bed that early. But that means she might wake up when we come in to take showers and get ready for bed. Honestly, it's starting to feel like more trouble than it's worth.
    That might be more of a complaint than a confession, but it's the best I've got.
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  • image Meggiemuggins:
    Last night I farted and it was so bad that DH checked DS's diaper to see if he'd pooped.  When DH asked me if I'd farted, I totally blamed DS. 

    Literally lol'd at that 

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  • Yesterday my friend and I were talking about eating healthy and I was complaining that my MIL is always giving her grandkids junk food and that I'm going to have to have a serious talk with her about that with my son. Then all that talk about junk food made me really want Oreos, so we walked down to the little market by my house and got Oreos. :P
  • I'm friends with a couple who had a baby 2 months after we did.  They constantly post on FB about all the fun things the do with him.  In his short life they're taken him to a movie, went to a baseball game, and are now going on vacation to the beach.  DH is a bump on a log who never wants to do anything and DD is so high maintenance I've barely left the house in 2 months.  I HATE this couple!! I'm jealous that they're out having fun and I'm stuck with a high maintenance baby usually by myself all day, every day.  
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