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WDYT: Potential Allergies?

Just trying to generate a discussion.

I've heard reports and anecdotal evidence regarding eating peanut butter or other potential allergy foods while pregnant and it may cause allergies in children.
For example, someone says I ate peanut butter while pregnant and now my child had a peanut allergy.

Do you think there's any truth to this? My child will be a mix, half Asian, half white. A TON of his cousins kids have allergies. Soy, peanuts, dairy, eggsthe works.
Just wondering what you think.

Re: WDYT: Potential Allergies?

  • I'm sure I ate peanut butter at some point during my first pregnancy and my son doesn't have a peanut allergy, same with dairy.

    I'm sure you will find reports on both sides of the coin.  It may be correlation but not causation.


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  • DS's ped said that if DH and I had a family history of food allergies it would be something to worry about. We didn't, and DS has no allergies.
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  • I ate a ton of peanutbutter during my first pregnancy (I was sick up until the very end, and sometimes a good PBJ was the most appealing thing!) and my son (3.5 yrs) does not have any known allergies. 

    So with this pregnancy, I'm not really holding back from eating anything in particular (other than those things my doctor says to avoid during pregnancy generally). 

  • It's really more about genetics than anything else. I have yet to see a study that actually confirms, to a reasonable degree, that what you eat while pregnant has any effect on eventual food allergies. Besides, who DOESN'T eat peanut butter? Some people, I guess. But I ate it plenty during my first pregnancy, and my daughter is not allergic.

    As for dairy, yes, Asians tend to be predisposed to lactose intolerance, but that's doesn't mean it will happen, and even if so, I don't think it's anything you can prevent by not consuming dairy while pregnant. 

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  • I don't think that's true. I think it's coincidental anecdotes. I ate peanut butter by jar with ds and he's got no allergies.

    There are genetic links, so if you or your dh have a familly history then your baby has a higher chance of those allergies. I have a deadly tree-nut allergy so we are having our children avoid those as a precaution.

    New research is also showing that earlier exposure may prevent allergies as opposed to previous view of early exposure causing allergies. Personally that's been my thought all along. Really it comes down to what is going to make you most comfortable though. If it makes you nervous to eat pb, then don't. If you're ok with it, then do. 

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    I'm sure I ate peanut butter at some point during my first pregnancy and my son doesn't have a peanut allergy, same with dairy.

    I'm sure you will find reports on both sides of the coin.  It may be correlation but not causation.

    I was going to say the same thing because I have heard reports of the opposite. That if you don't eat it or expose a kid to it that they will have allergies.



  • I specifically asked this of both my dietician and OBGYN, and both were adamant that there is no conclusive evidence to warrant avoiding peanut products during pregnancy. 
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  • My 11yr old has a peanut allergy.
    Neither DH or myself has a peanut allergy, nor have we been able to find anyone on either side of family with one.
    I believe I ate the "normal" amount of peanut products during pregnancy.
    In my experience I would have to say it just happens.
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  • I got all post crazy before reading other comments, but this is illogical. Exposure in low doses is actually how they "cure" allergies.

    Eta: I have a zillion food allergies and no one else in my family does, just environmental ones. Allergies in general is a not well understood science.

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  • In no way would I put any stock in someone saying "I ate peanut butter and now my kid has an allergy, that must be why!" Almost everyone who doesn't have an allergy to peanuts is probably going to eat it at least once while pregnant it's a super common food. So it's too easy to say I ate it, that must be why.

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