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We're going on vacation for a week, staying at a rented house. In the past, I've let DD bring one stuffed animal and then I've brought something to keep her occupied like crayons/paper/stickers. It's worked out well because usually we're staying with family who have other toys or else we're doing so much touristy stuff, there's not really time to play with toys.

This time, we'll be there with DD (2) and her cousins (1, 3, 5). It's a rented vacation house so no toys there I'm sure. And I have a feeling we'll be spending a good bit of time in the house. I'm considering running out to the store and buying a new toy that all the kids can share. Or I might just take a few things we already have. But either way, what kinds of toys would you take with you other than crayons/paper/stickers?

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Re: toys on vacation

  • I usually pack one tote bag. Books, coloring stuff, matchbox cars, maybe some blocks or duplos, a baby doll, a ball, maybe dd's magnetic paper dolls, etc. I'd often bring a sprinkler, bubbles, chalk if we can okay outside.

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  • I would survey our toys and see which ones my daughter spends the most time with and occupies herself for hours with. As of now they are her plastic animals, her chalkboard and her sesame street playset. 

    She can easily play with those for over an hour.

    I would also look into bringing favorite movies for evenings and rainy days/things like that. 

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  • How about play-doh?  That keeps DD entertained for hours!

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  • Oh, and where is the house? Why do you think you'll be inside a lot? You can always take walks, find playgrounds, nature trails, etc. 

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  • Thanks for the suggestions! We're going to the beach --- so actually we might not be in the house a lot, but the weather is calling for potential t-storms or rain almost every day we're there, so we'll see how it actually pans out. Might end up that we get no rain at all. I just want to be prepared for the worst case scenario.
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