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eating with a fork

for mobiles: eating with a fork.

How old was your LO when they consistently used the fork? spoon?

I have been giving DS the fork for the longest time.  He will eat off of it when we put food on it for him, but never attempts to stab at the food himself.  He definitely prefers eating with his hands.

Any advice on how to get him to eat with it?  The spoon he will do ok with, but he's just done yogurt and pudding, which is pretty easy.


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Re: eating with a fork

  • Ella does it 50/50. I just give it her constantly. She was always really interested in forks and spoons though so I don't think I have any other advice than just keep on keepin' on.

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  • DD definitely mastered the spoon way before the fork. She still struggles sometimes with the fork, but she tries. I'd just keep giving him both a fork and a spoon at every meal and let him figure it out. He'll get it eventually.
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  • DS still uses his fingers a lot, but easily uses a spoon, especially when it's necessary.  He's only recently really become proficient with the fork.  For the longest time he just struggled with stabbing things properly, I guess.  

    I think he started regularly using a spoon at like 18mo or so.  But, like I said, he still uses his fingers a lot.  Like, he just had cut up cheese, cucumber, and honeydew for lunch.  He ate it all with his fingers.   

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  • DS was two in may and he just started to get better at using a fork and a spoon. Like you, I was worried for a while because he had no interest but we just kept trying and he is not getting the hang of it. He is also starting the phase where he wants to do everything by himself so I think that's part of it.
  • I don't know what age really, but one thing that helped was using metal pronged forks. The plastic ones are dull and useless.
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  • He's been using it for so long I can't remember. Sometimes he still prefers his hands.
  • DS can use the fork to stab, scoop, and get food to his mouth, though he often still eats with is fingers because it is fun/easy.  Sometimes he'll even steal my big fork because he likes to be grown up.  He is about your son's age and has been working on this skill for a few months. 

    My best advice is to always offer the fork and offer assistance if you feel it is appropriate, but don't push the issue.  It is hard work for a toddler to learn these types of skills, so they get tired of it and revert back to their fingers as they learn.  We don't take him places where his eating habits will be offensive to others, so it hasn't caused an issue for us in that respect, and we are pretty patient about it ourselves.  (If only he would eat a little more quickly...)

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  • I started giving DS his own spoon when he was around 6m old bc he would take mine. Once he was around one I would give him a fork as well. He has the spoon down really well but the fork he struggles with sometimes. He knows how to poke/stab the food and get it to his mouth, but would prefer to use his hands sometimes. I would say just keep offering it and putting the fork out when he is eating.

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  • Yeah my 4 year old still uses his hands most of the time.  He CAN use a fork 100%  correctly, but it's a battle I don't fight.

    DD uses one about 50/50.  She is really independent.  She eats yogurt with a spoon completely on her own, but something like small veggies I have to help her get on the utensil.

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  • DD can use a spoon like a champ and a fork pretty well but most of the time she just prefers eating with her hands. She's not quite 2 yet.

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