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Coming home outfit

What kind of coming home outfit are you planning to put baby girl in if you are due this summer?  I'm trying to decide how warm I need to dress her so I can choose an outfit.  Is something really lightweight ok or does she need more than one layer (it's going to be in the 80s or 90s where I live)?  Thanks!
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Re: Coming home outfit

  • I would dress her in a onsie, with a light blanket covering over the car seat until you get to the car.
  • I am due September 1, so I am assuming it is going to be hot, although it MAY be a bit cooler. I have two options, one is a onesie/ dress type outfit with an optional cardigan, and the other is a polka dotted onesie with tutu like ruffles. I figure we'll go with the flow and wear whatever fits the weather. I'll also take a receiving blanket to cover her until we're in the car... just as a precaution.
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  • Extremely light sleeper. All the extremities should still be covered, but lightly. They're still very new and your car will be cooler than outside.
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  • We got a "little sister" outfit. It's just a short sleeve onsie, cotton pants, socks and a thin cotton hat. It'll be the gift to the baby from DD and then she'll get/wear a big sister shirt to make it exciting for her. Depending on how hot it stays around here, I may skip the pants and just put a receiving blanket over baby in the car seat for whenever we're outside so she doesn't overheat, but still has some coverage.

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  • I think I'll end up bringing a couple options just in case. I'll also bring a blanket of some sort too.


  • A cute cotton dress (the same one my other girls have come home in) and a light blanket if necessary.
  • She will be wearing this lace petti romper.


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    I have a few tank top onesie's and pants. I have the romper but for a newborn photo session. I also have a little sister onesie to match her big sisters shirt! Just gonna have a few options as it's in the 90's here but heat index is 110 this week.
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  • She's coming home in this:




  • I wouldn't be putting the baby in too cool of an outfit because the baby will be going from and air conditioned hospital to an air conditioned car. The outfit I have for my baby girl is light pants with a matching light long-sleeved sweater type thing. She is due September 6th so the weather would still be warm here, but I don't want her to be freezing in the car.
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  • I'm not due till Oct but where I live, we can still get a few heat waves in Oct so i have a few options to choose from depending on the weather and time of day we get released. I have a onesie with pants or one of those footie one piece pj set. They are newborn size but I am also thinking about getting 2ore outfits in 0-3 months because we don't know how big she will be

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