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OMG Boobs! PSA/AW/Random

Well, I finally got fitted for a real nursing bra. Took me long enough, eh? My best friend (who has a 3yo and is 38 weeks pregnant) and I went to a baby boutique in Chicago and I was drooling over their CD selection...but I digress. Got properly fitted for the first time in my life and I'm a friggin' E/F!!! No wonder my boobs were sad in my old bras--I had the sorta-stretchy Medela ones that were kind of sized (like, D/DD) and I was so tired of being floppy.

Well, I picked up two underwire nursing bras, to the chagrin of my saleslady ("we encourage nursing moms to avoid underwire"--erm, yes, I'm aware...and yet you sell them...) and I am in love with them. They're by a company called Cake Lingerie and they look like normal bras on the outside, with three little bows, but then you flip it around to put it on and it's lined with this fun floral print! My friend and I got the same one and we were both so jazzed about the secret in our bras, lol. ;-)

Anyway, I was just really really excited and I wanted to A) recommend that if you're nursing and you haven't been fitted yet you totally should do it! And B) recommend this brand. I'm sure the Bravado ones are great and probably easier to find, but OMG. Luuurve it.

That is all. Thanks for reading my novel. =D

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