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Crafty Mommas: What's Left?

I'm usually Crafty McCrafterson but my creative and crafty juices just haven't been flowing very much this pregnancy.  I pinned SO many cute things in the beginning but have barely gotten around to make anything (aside from some cute onsies).

Now that the pregnancy is coming to an end I feel like a new fire has been lit under my butt and the crafting bug has gotten to me BADLY.  I'm trying to make a few last things this weekend.

Anyone else in the same boat? What's left on your DIY to-do list?

My list:
Burp Cloths
Cardigan Onesie

And I'm totally going to steal Yaya's idea and make a few bowties :)

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Re: Crafty Mommas: What's Left?

  • I had so many ambitions, but hardly did any:( I need to find some motivation. I love your burp cloth idea! Once we pick a name, we want to do something with that...whether the block letters or something else. 
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  • I'm the same, lots of ideas but no motivation!  I have burp clothes and boppy covers to make.  I also bought things for some cute tutus and head bands if we happen to get a girl. That's about all I'm planning for now otherwise I'd never get it all done!

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  • I finished all of my crafty stuff a couple weeks ago. I did some hand sewing and embroidery on my ring sling I made and decided I didn't like it. So now I need to change it but have little motivation to drag my sewing machine back out.

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  • I'm working on knitting a pair of leg warmers for baby girl, but I'm havin trouble finding the motivation to finish them.
  • I'm making a felt baby mobile. It's turning out really cute! I'll have to post a few photo's once it's done. Other than that, I haven't been too crafty. Smile
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  • I learned to knit on youtube! I bought a round knitting loom and some yarn at Hobby Lobby and have been going nuts with hats, mittens and booties. Even though I'm having a summer baby - he's going to be rock'n some knitted hats hahah.
  • I did the baby wreath no problem. I am 3/4 of the way done with his baby blanket and can't seem to find motivation for that.

  • Normally I'm super crafty, but I haven't done a darn thing.  I have the supplies to make a mobile similar to this: but just haven't sat down to do it.  

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  • tdmklmtdmklm
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    I'm painting a mural for LO. I'm almost done!
  • Glad to have inspired you!

    I went in craft overload recently! I am making micro fleece liners, crotcheting a baby blanket, make a cardigan onesie and going to try and make a teenage ninja turtle shell and mask for his newborn pics, this may seem doable with 6 weeks but I just learned how to sew and crotchet through YouTube recently.
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  • I'm with you! For some reason, I feel like this is my last weekend to get stuff done...

    My list:

    burp cloths

    bandana drool bibs 

    I really want to do some of those Cardigan Onesies, but that maybe be above my skill level :) 

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    I went nuts the last two days and made a lamp, curtains, a crib skirt, and a couple of onsies. I think I am still going to attempt a pillow in the leftover fabric for the glider and maybe knit a couple more baby hats. I chickened out and ordered a vinyl name hanging and a sock monkey hat and diaper cover on etsy

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  • Last weekend I finished painting and hung the mirrors and three mini shelves for the changing table nook. I also painted the knobs on the changing table.


    This weekend's crafty to-do list includes:

    • Installing the book wall (with help from my FIL)
    • Making the crib skit (with help from my MIL)
    • Making two cloth basket liners for the wire baskets that will sit in the cubby area of the changing table.
    • Painting the knobs on two night stands to match the changing table.

    I have other crafty stuff to do but I don't have the supplies yet to work on them.

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  • image amarissa85:
    I did the baby wreath no problem. I am 3/4 of the way done with his baby blanket and can't seem to find motivation for that.

    This is me.  I started knitting a baby blanket before I even knew I was pregnant since we were TTC.  Once I knew I was pregnant I worked on it a bunch more but have not touched it lately and now I have no motivation to finish it.

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  • I'm with ya! This is the least crafty I've ever been.... and this is my second baby! I think it partially has to do with being Team Green.

    I'm making curtains right now and can't decide on fabric for a baby blanket because I just can't find any gender neutral patterns I like. Once the baby is here, I will make a few more burp cloths and probably a taggie blanket.

    I made DS a felt kit Christmas stocking for his first Christmas which took me 3 months (so time consuming) and I know I should do the same for this baby.

    I have high hopes, but not enough time or motivation.

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  • I've been working on sleep gowns with repurposed blankets and tshirts (I'm up to 8 lol) and puppets/ puppet theater for my girls.  I made a matching hood and suck pads for my Tula... Next up is toys, crinkly toys and such I think with scraps from my gowns. And more puppets probably. 
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  • image bendicott7:

    image amarissa85:
    I did the baby wreath no problem. I am 3/4 of the way done with his baby blanket and can't seem to find motivation for that.

    This is me.  I started knitting a baby blanket before I even knew I was pregnant since we were TTC.  Once I knew I was pregnant I worked on it a bunch more but have not touched it lately and now I have no motivation to finish it.

    I started to learn to crochet and started a pair of baby pants.  Made the waist band and it's sat there ever since.  Fail!  I know I won't get around to finishing that before LO arrives.  I figured I'd stick to the skills I already have instead of trying new things for now :)

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  • I wish I were crafty, but sadly I did not inherit that gene from my mom. I get ideas and then pass them onto her to make them come true. Luckily she'll do anything for baby.. :) Good luck!
  • Definitely crafty here!!!! I redid an old dresser I bought at a thrift store.
    Painted and gave it me knobs, it looks like new. I've also made canvas art to go on the wall over the crib.. It's just a plain white canvas with pink,teal,brown, and white buttons spelling the letter L. I've also mod podged a few picture frames with scrapbook paper , and am working on her monile! Passes time and I have DS help as well
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  • I am fairly crafty but also have not seemed to have much motivation. I have done scrapbook paper flowers for the walls of DDs nursery with DS foot prints. Finished painting her room and made 12 burp cloths. Things to do:

    Sand, paint and hang up wood letters spelling her name above her crib
    Sand and paint the dresser for DS room so that DD can have his old dresser
    Make a felt flower hair accessory organizer 

    We are going fishing and camping this weekend and I am sure it will be hot so I plan on sitting in the air conditioned camper and working on some crafts!

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  • I need to put the last 3 legs on an elephant and make the booties and hat For a set that I am giving to a friend at her baby shower tomorrow. And then I might make a few sets, a dress, and toys for my LO.
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  • My curtains have also been on hold and just moved up to project #1! Our shower is this weekend, so I'm kind of holding off until I can make sure no one bought us anything that would clash with what the fabric I was thinking.

     My boppy cover ended up just being cheaper to get online with a coupon...

    I'm dying to try those bowties though! 

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  • Finishing diaper bag
    Another pair of matching shorts for DS and LO
    Then month stickers
    A car wallet matching shorts for DS
    Matching shoes for LO if I get time

    This is an ambitious list
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  • I've made burp clothes, a cute picture wall decoration, about 4 blankets, I'm in the process of making reusable nursery pads for me and my friend who just had a baby.
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  • I'm trying to get my maternity sash done today or tomorrow for pictures on Wednesday. I still have headbands for newborn shoot, headband holders and wall letters.


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  • We are trying to squeeze in a chevron quilt for tummy time and car seat. We did make two boppy covers. So much cuter than the store bought ones. We still want to make pacifier clips and cloth wipes. :. Busy busy!
  • I'm about half way finished assembling her gargantuan butterfly mobile. I Hope to finish it this weekend. I still have a few more wet bags to make and about 14 diaper covers in size small. Oh and some inserts for the newborn pocket diapers I made.
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  • I went into craft overdrive when I found out I was pregnant and I've finished 3 wall canvases, 1 crochet blanket, painted the dresser, made 1 taggy blanket and 10 burp cloth, and also made 2 quilts. 

    Left to do is finish 2nd crochet blanket, crochet bunting with the word 'adored', and more burp cloths.  

    I did crochet 1 cardigan as well but gave it away in the end along with another quilt I made for my best friend.  

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