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She said it, she finally said it.

Skye for the past 1mnth and half has repeatedly said Dada.  Dada this and dada da that, but, never momma.  Well last night she said it and of course it's when she's cranky and whiny, hahaha.  I'll take it though.  

Re: She said it, she finally said it.

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    I've only heard my DS say Momma 2x and both times was while crying. I haven't heard it again though. Now he constantly says TaTa during his babbling sessions. Well, congrats on the Momma because it sure feels good when they say it.
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  • That's wonderful, congrats!

    Not that it will make you feel any better, but my DD says momma every time she's scared, tired, bored, or just simply upset. She says dada whenever she's happy.

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    That's so awesome!  I'm so jealous!  I can't wait for DD to start saying mama and dada.  She doesn't seem interested yet.  She just grunts like a cavebaby and squeals "ah!" over and over again.
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  • Isn't it great!? Dd usually says momma when she wants out of her crib, when someone is holding her and she wants me or when I'm in another room and she can't see me. She says dadda daily, but not as much, mostly right when DH gets home or something reminds her if him. She also calls DS bubba, I didn't teach her that nickname, his name is Bryce and we often say brother, so it makes sense.

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  • hubby is a sahd, so whenever she looks at him she smiles and say dada or she'll say it when she babbling other "words".  
  • Aww,that is so sweet! I love when Connor says mama!
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  • I'm jealous of all of you! DS "talks" a ton, but isn't saying our names yet.
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  • Yay! That's great news.

    DD says Mama all the time. She has no interest in saying Dada. Anytime DH tries to get her to say it she just laughs or says Mama.
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  • image Fullcircle06:
    I'm jealous of all of you! DS "talks" a ton, but isn't saying our names yet.

    Don't be too jealous. It's nt actually until about 1 year that they can associate the word they are saying with the's really sweet when it seems like they are saying these words but everything I've read says that it's just then learning constanants and vowels. They don't have the cognitive development at this age to know they are using a word for a person, place, action etc.
    my lo says mamamamama when ever she's crying, mostly in bed, but that's it. this age they can understand the word that YOU'RE saying and look for it. If you say "where's dada?" She has the ability now to look at or for him.

    I've been doing a lot of reading while she's nursing lol
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