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"Never wake a sleeping baby"

Mobile "Never wake a sleeping baby"

How long is this applicable for? Sophie is 11 weeks old and sleeps a ton during the day! I'm wondering if it's too much? She does kind of sttn...she goes down at 7, I dream feed at 10 and she sleeps through until 5. At 5 I re swaddle and put her back down in her rock and play until she wakes up to eat again at 8. After her feeding at 8 she's downstairs so it's loud, lights are on, we go out to do errands etc. she drifts in and out of sleep and eats every 3 hours during the day pretty consistently. If she's awake I engage her, talk, play music, show her toys etc. Should I be doing more to encourage a routine or a longer night time sleep stretch? Or let her continue to lead the way until 4 to 6 months or so?
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Re: "Never wake a sleeping baby"

  • Let her be, sounds like she is an awesome sleeper for her age. 
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  • I still don't wake my sleeping child.  Sounds like she's a big sleeper, enjoy it.  As long as she's healthy and eating, I wouldn't worry.
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    Yep. Never.

    hell, I don't even wake my DH... 

  • My son was like this and it worried me too. as long as baby is content and healthy just stick with it.
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  • Thanks for the reassurance. She's gaining weight well she's 11 pounds, birth weight was 6;7 and she eats consistently. The majority of her awake time is spent happy. She's rarely fussy unless she's hungry. She normally just smiles and hangs out. If I talk to her she laughs and coos. She sleeps in the swing or k'tan during the day.
    Mama to Sophie Virginia
    born 5/4/13 at 35 weeks 4 days

  • Agreed, don't wake the baby.  Babies need a lot of sleep especially at first.  They're growing and developing at a very fast rate.  Their body knows what they need as far as sleep goes.  Let them get what they need!  

    Also, they won't continue to sleep so much.  It will naturally evolve if you just let them do their thing. 

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  • I would let her sleep too.

    If it makes you feel better my kid as a nb was slept a lot during the day too. Then she got to be about 3 months and went through a streak where she was up ALL day but slept all night.

    My pedi was always big on unless you have eating issues don't wake the baby. He says the best sleepers are usually the ones that were allowed to work through their sleep cycles on their own as babies.

  • This sounds exactly like Hadley when she was that age, I thought she'd NEVER stop sleeping all day long (and all night). I would wake her up sometimes because doggone it, I wanted to see her! She is still a LO that requires a ton of sleep.

    I remember coming on here and asking when she was a few months old if it was normal. I think it was KateB or maybe SueMo that told me that unless she got up and started flying, she was probably a very typical baby and to relax.


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  • My 6mo doesn't sleep that well. Enjoy it and hope it lasts!
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  • Enjoy it while you can. DS was like that too. Now...not so much.

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  • We never woke either ever. Both are huge.
  • Let her sleep. My DS was a huge sleeper. At first it worried me but I figured since he was eating, gaining weight, happy and healthy then he needed it.
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  • I still only wake my kids up if I absolutely have to.
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  • You're baby isn't even 3 months old yet...if she's healthy and eating (like a pp said) then let her be.
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  • You have a baby sleeping savant. It may last. It may not. Don't screw with it. 

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  • This is a great routine.  Dark and quiet at night, bright and noisy during the day.  Prefect!  If you keep this up, bed time as she gets older (wont be easy, at times) but easier.
  • My kid is almost 2 and I still don't wake him up if he's sleeping.  He doesn't have anywhere he needs to be. 

    And sleeping 10pm-5am at 11 weeks is an awesome night time stretch.  She's STTN.  Don't mess with a good thing!

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