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~~~Friday Ticker Check-in~~~

If your ticker switches to a new week today, this check-in is for you!

I copied Thursday's, not feeling creative today.

Weeks/Fruit size:Rants / raves:  Next appointment / type:What are you doing to keep cool?

Things left on your to do list: 

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Re: ~~~Friday Ticker Check-in~~~

  • Weeks/Fruit size: 31 weeks, pineappleRants / raves:  I had been very uncomfortable but after doing the daily exercises on spinningbabies, I feel sooo much better.  My exercise ball is coming today and I'm planning to sit on that all the time vs. the couch.  I even convinced DH to help me with some of the exercises, he has been really great.Next appointment / type: Next Thursday.  Just a normal appointment other than the colposcopy because of my abnormal Pap at 12 weeks. Fun stuff.What are you doing to keep cool? Staying inside! The base pool opens on the weekends so I'm planning to float around in there today.

    Things left on your to do list: Baby shower is on the 30th so I'm waiting to wash clothes until after that and see what we still "need" then order the rest off Amazon, finish the quilt I've been working on, and pack my hospital bag.  Everything else is pretty much done!

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    On our way to 2u2
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  • Weeks/Fruit size: 32 weeks....not sure?
    Rants / raves:  leg swelling and hip/back pain. i so need a massage!
    Next appointment / type: in less than two hours! check up and ultrasound ( i get an u/s every month since i am h/r)
    What are you doing to keep cool? staying inside and drinking lots of water

    Things left on your to do list: need to get a few last things--pack n play, video monitor, waterproof mattress, body cushioning for carseat, odds and ends for breastfeeding, clearing out a cabinet for all the feeding stuff in the kitchen, washing clothes/blankets, etc

  • Weeks/Fruit size: 32 weeks and I am not sure of the fruit size but I DO know that this boy feels huge already. God help me for another 8 weeksRants / raves:  NBR: my computer hasn't let me on here all week and I feel insane from it. PG related: my heartburn Next appointment / type: Next Wednesday, on my birthdayWhat are you doing to keep cool? Hydrate! A/C and a whole lot of complaining

    Things left on your to do list: get some basic things washed for baby, put up his book shelf and pack my bag!


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  • kje120kje120
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    Weeks/Fruit size:  34 - butternut squashRants / raves:  If we don't get DS back to sleeping like he used to I might lose my mind.  With the pregnancy exhaustion and hormones I left daycare in tears this morning.Next appointment / type: Next Wednesday. Just a regular one - I think internals will start at the one after that.What are you doing to keep cool? Trying to stay inside and if I must be outside I try to be in water.

    Things left on your to do list: Get DS moved to his new room and maybe redecorate the nursery. We haven't decided if we are changing it or not. Oh, and pick a name for this kid!

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  • Weeks/Fruit size: 30 beautiful weeks and the size of the cucumber - I am guessing a state fair style cucumber!!Rants / raves:  Heartburn.  F this heartburn.  Is it only expected to get worse over the next 10 weeks?Next appointment / type: Routine check in on Monday, July 29.What are you doing to keep cool? The heat actually isn't killing me.  I am a warm weather person.  I don't mind the heat right now.  I just wish my arms were more toned to show them off.

    Things left on your to do list: Buy lots of stuff - our first shower is this weekend.  I haven't purchased much since I have three showers.  My to-do list will really get going in about a month once the showers have been completed!

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  • Weeks/Fruit size: 33, durian
    Rants / raves: This heat is awful, but other than that I have no complaints
    Next appointment / type: Routine check up in a week.
    What are you doing to keep cool? Not going outside! Luckily we have a good air conditioner at home that keeps our apartment cool.
    Things left on your to do list: Finalize birth plan, pack my hospital bag, 2 baby showers, buy any last minute things I still need
  • Weeks/Fruit size: 32 weeks! Still a squash..Rants / raves: Im just ready for Aug 23rd to hurry up and get here ( date I will be full term) I've had two PTL trips to L&D now and im just ready for the real thing. Im the type that doesn't like the attention from family and such and trips to L&D start my phone blowing up with a million baby/ me questions.. Next appointment / type: Maybe today if I can get my darn OB to call me back.. What are you doing to keep cool? Staying inside! In a nice cool air conditioned house.. 

    Things left on your to do list:  We still have some little things to buy, a bassinet, burp cloths, grooming kit, I need breast feeding stuff ( pads, at least one bra, cream).. so not a whole lot but still another trip to BBB/target. And we are finishing up the nursery, next week will be like Christmas with all of the stuff that is being delivered from serena and lily and Etsy! yay!

    BFP#1.11/2/12-EDD 7/16/13-M/C.11/6/12
    BFP#2 1/2/13 EDD 9/13/13 DS#2 8/19/13!


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    Weeks/Fruit size:  30 weeks/ CucumberRants / raves:   Im short and short torso-ed so Im starting to feel more discomfort up in my rib cage.  More out of breath and starting to get anxious as I approach the 34 week mark where I delivered my son.....the nesting is out of control but I think its because I went so early last time Im starting to feel anxious.  Next appointment / type:  Tuesday ...I think its just a normal check up apt.  But Im starting weekly apts as of my next apt so they may start checking my cervixWhat are you doing to keep cool?  staying in my office and AC at home!!  drinking lots of water....this weather sucks!

    Things left on your to do list:   I took next Friday and Monday off and Im taking my son to daycare and working on organizing our office and the kids room.  We have two bedrooms up and two down so we are going to have both babies share for a little while.  So I have new bedding picked out and I need to order the second crib.  Other then that our house underwent a major cosmetic remodel and we are busy finishing the entire house....NBD!  aagghhhh.....

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  • Weeks/Fruit size:  33, duriansRants / raves:  Baby B has her head wedged under my ribs and my feet are swollen from the heat.  All in all, not too bad.Next appointment / type:  Monday - non-stress test, Thursday - non-stress test and u/s, as it will be from now until delivery.What are you doing to keep cool? Air conditioning and ice pops. :)Things left on your to do list: Install car seats, pack hospital bag, go through the clothes DH just brought home from his co-worker.


    4/12/10 - Began TTC 8/2012 - IFV #1 - 18 follicles retrieved, 11 usable, 10 fertilized, 9 continued to grow, 2 tranferred, BFN :( 9/2012 to 10/2012- Treated for uterine infection 11/12/12 - Began IVF #2 12/19/12 - 2 embryos tranferred 12/24/12 - Tested Christmas Eve morning - first ever BFP!!! with a due date of 9/6 :) 12/28/12 - Beta #1 - 193 12/31/12 - Beta #2 - 624 1/7/13 - Beta #3 - 7544 1/14/13 - Beta #4 - 31,067 1/16/13 - IT'S TWINS!!!! Two healthy heartbeats! 8/22/13 9:51 and 9:52pm- Our precious Ashley and Kayla arrived in perfect health.  (Ashley - 6lbs 0oz, 18.5 inches.  Kayla - 5lbs 2oz, 17 inches.)




  • 32 weeks, the size of a squash

     still very out of breath, my baby shower is tomorrow

    I just had my midwife appt on Tues, I have my next US on Wed 

     Eating watermelon to keep cool, once in a while visitng the neighborhood pool that I bought a membership to

    Things left to do: everything.  hahahh 

    We need to paint, order the baby furniture, stock the room, hubby needs to check with his employer on why they are not covering a breast pump, and I have all my parenting, breastfeeding, childbirth, etc classes in Aug 



    Our little lightbulb is on the way!
    12 weeks 3 days

    TTC since Oct 2011
    Me: 33, hypothyroidism since 14, cleared all HSG, US, Pre-pregnancy panel tests.
    Hubby: 36, testicular Ca, chemo April-May 2012.
    Natural cycle IUI #1 with trigger and Progesterone Suppositories (Jun 2012) Neg
    Natural Cycle IUI #2 with trigger and Progesterone Suppositories (Jul 2012) NEG
    Aug 2012 - break due to needing a girls' weekend in Cape Cod
    Natural Cycle IUI #3 with trigger and prednisone (Sep 2012) NEGATIVE
    Switched fertility clinics - forced break Oct 2012
    Natural Cycle IUI #4 (Nov 2012) no trigger, no progesterone, no prednisone (Nov 2012) - Neg
    1st round Clomid Cycle IUI #5 (Dec 2012) - POS
  • Weeks/Fruit size: Durian (no clue what that is)Rants / raves:  Definitely can't bend down from a seated position anymore.  If something falls on the floor, it's going to stay there.Next appointment / type: On the 31st--regular appointment, should start weekly after that.What are you doing to keep cool? The usual--A/C and Water.  I live in Florida and it really hasn't been too bad this year.

    Things left on your to do list: Need to get crib mattress, thermometer, and a few other "essentials" as well as wall hangings.  Also need to wash some of her clothes.  I'm only going to do some newborn and 0-3 because who knows what she will fit into.

    4 years TTC including countless tests, 2 surgeries, and one failed IUI
    Scheduled IVF for April 2013--SURPRISE, don't need it! DD 9/7/13 

  • Weeks/Fruit size: 30 weeks/cucumber (not sure what fruit size)
    Rants / raves:  Rants: C-section scar and lower back are KILLING me.
    Raves: Getting SO close to meeting LO and we officially have everything we need (with the exception of formula) for her to make her appearance!
    Next appointment / type: July 23, weekly progesterone shot/July 24th, regular every 2 week appointment.
    What are you doing to keep cool? Staying inside. Ha. It's driving my older girls a little batty, but the heat is making me feel like I'm going to pass out.

    Things left on your to do list: Finish washing a few items, but that's it! :D

  • Weeks/Fruit size: 33 and a durianRants / raves: I am still measuring 2 weeks ahead which means that I will get an ultrasound when I'm 36 weeks and I'm pretty darn excitingNext appointment / type: Next Friday, just regular check-up.What are you doing to keep cool? Not going outside and being lazy haha.

    Things left on your to do list: Just little things, like a little touch up paint on the walls, putting in a door stop, etc. Definitely prepared if I had to take a baby home today though! (not like that would happen anyway) :)

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  • Better late than never! Geeked

    Weeks/Fruit size: 30 weeks, cucumber
    Rants / raves:  Rants: Not many; feet get tired more easily and I'm finally noticing the swelling of feet after an active day. It's not crazy swelling, but it's definitely there. Not so much of a rant, than a concern: I'm still in denial about this whole pregnancy thing! I can't wrap my mind around actually having to deliver and take care of a child for the rest of my life. FTM here, can you tell?
    Raves: Love that I still feel pretty "normal."  Love that DH is awesome.
    Next appointment / type: July 30 for a regular checkup. Going every 2 weeks now.
    What are you doing to keep cool? Heat isn't killing me yet, but I don't do much outdoors. Lemonade has been the go-to drink other than ice water.

    Things left on your to do list: Get a crib, get organized for a hospital bag, finish knitting some things for LO, and pre-register at hospital for admission. At about 34-36 weeks we plan on setting up the bassinet and most of the baby things just in case.


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