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"A" was so good with the crib transition up until about a week ago.  I lay him down in the crib around 8pm, he sleeps until 12ish and I nurse him, but at around 2 - 3am he wakes again and not to nurse because I have tried and he will suck for about 5 minutes fall asleep and then release.  I have tried to wake him to finish but he refuses so I get up, put him back in the crib, and then he fusses till he cries.  I go back in once he starts to cry for about 2-3 minutes and pick him up and try to get him back to a calm sleepy state to attempt to lay him back in the crib.  I have tried nursing him again and he won't nurse, I have tried rocking him and it works till I lay him down again.  This only happens around 2 - 3am and the only way to get him back to sleep is to put him on my chest.  I am extremely exhasted because I am not sleeping well with him on me all the time.  Any ideas, suggestions, reasons, anything, I am begging for a solution to this issue...Mama needs some sleep.  Is he to young to CIO (3 months for those on mobile).  HELP!
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Re: Crib Issues

  • mnj05mnj05
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    I'm on mobile so I see you said 3 months but is he closing in on 4 months? It could be the dreaded 4 month wakeful rearing its ugly head. For us that started a week before turning 4 months and ended about 3 weeks after that. Our biggest issue was getting to sleep, but once he was all was good.

    I think technically he is too young for CIO and some other moms I've talked to said once the 4 month wakeful hit, any sleep training they had done went out the window and they had to start all over again between 5 and 6 months.

    Sleep issues suck and I hope whatever is going on doesn't last long!

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  • I wish I had insight for you. We went through something very similar for about 4 nights in a row last week - weekend and I was EXHAUSTED.

    It's gotten better over here -I never came up with a reason - just chalked it up to her doing what babies do and being finicky..... My mentlity was to keep at it and eventually she'd get back to her good habits and it worked - hope the same is true for you.

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  • Ugh, sleep issues are so hard! I don't really have any advice, E didn't sleep well until we trained at 10 months. Although the magic sleep suit is a miracle! GL and I hope A starts giving you some rest soon.
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  • I'm sorry this is happening, but M was like that too around that age.  Is A swaddled?  Will he take a paci?  I remember lots of nights like you described... we rocked (or did the Happiest Baby on the Block "jiggle") until M fell asleep, then hoped and prayed he'd stay asleep.  M didn't like the paci but on nights he'd take them, the paci seemed to help.  I honestly don't hae any suggestions for you, but based on my own experience, this is something that babies start doing at that age... 

    I waited until M was 4 months to do sleep training, which in hind sight was probably a bit early.  But by then I was at my breaking point, as M refused to nap at all so both of us were miserable all day long, 

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  • DD was a terrible sleeper from 3 to 5 months and I was miserable. We did sleep training at 5 months, which is the earliest most experts recommend. At 3 months, babies don't have an understanding of object permanence. Basically, if they don't see you, they think you are gone forever and they feel alone. I hope it's a short stage for your LO.

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