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I need to start getting toys for DS. So far he has shown zero interest in Sophie. Any suggestions?
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Re: Toys

  • I just bought a rattle thing from Walmart, my son loves it. I have a video of him instantly grabbing it and  shaking it around. 
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  • pggaripggari
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    My LO is not too crazy about Sophie either. She just grabs her by her leg for a little while and that's about it. I think they'll like her more when they can bite and squeeze her.

    Baby Einstein tunes and bendy ball have good reviews. My LO likes both.
  • Oball!!! It the only thing my LO has interest in and she will play with it for almost an hr at a time.


  • Captain Calamari by Lamaze is the best toy ever. It was Charlie's favorite and Ginny already loves to nom on it and flail him around. He has a hook on his head to hang him from a car seat or whatever, but she just likes to hold him with his arms in her face.


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    A hand me down Mortimer the moose is a fav already. Also I will second the O ball. We have the one with little beads that make a noise when you shake it. Also she is starting to like soft, plush rattles. Things that are easy to grab and maneuver towards the mouthhole, but that don't hurt when she drops them on her face.
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  • I like all of the plush Lamaze toys with dangly things. Also, DS will just shake a rattle for a while, but the hard ones bonk him on the head pretty regularly!
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  • Right now Anna likes links, the baby einstein bendy ball, and her lamaze freddie the firefly.
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  • I bought DS an oball rattle on clearance for $2 at target and he loves it! He also likes this little teething bracelet thing that has different textured rubber beads on it. Prob came from Walmart- I got it for a shower. He always has those 2, and he's starting to like chewing on his burp rag, so I usually give him a clean one of those to occupy him, lol. On his car seat handle I have these little sports ball things that Velcro around to dangle in front of him. They may be like wrist rattles or something but he likes to watch them and swat at the in the car. He also has this elephant toy that has one of those linky things on the handle that he can grab and pull to play music. He couldn't care less about his other toys right now.  
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  • Oball, rings, and little blankets (like the satin lined ones or with the little animal attached).

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  • The manhattan toys whozit. But only of I hold it for him and manipulate it. The Sophie was a tremendous hit with ds1 at about 5 or 6 months. Just wait!
  • KLL22KLL22
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    Captain Calamari by Lamaze is the best toy ever. It was Charlie's favorite and Ginny already loves to nom on it and flail him around. He has a hook on his head to hang him from a car seat or whatever, but she just likes to hold him with his arms in her face.


    My LO too, basically any Lamaze toy out and burp rags. She can't get enough of them. Yesterday, she was flinging one around in her bouncer and thought it was hilarious. 


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  • DD hasn't shown much interest in toys except Baby Einstein musical turtle and Nuby teething keys.  I know you can get both at Target.  She likes the lights on the turtle when we have tummy time.  So far with the keys she just like the key ring, but is starting to show interest in the keys (gel filled?) too.

  • Trin42Trin42
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    Baby Einstein ball (that looks like an oball) with a hard "rattle" ball inside. And this plush toy that is an alien spaceship (a ball shape) and the alien sitting on top you can pull and it vibrates. I think it's Manhattan Toy co.

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  • Oball!! Also, links, plush rattles, and lovey-size A&A blankets.
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  • I recommend the Lamaze toys as well, like the firefly. LO also likes the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes. Right now she mainly just looks at her toys and has recently started grabbing them. Cloth books are also good.
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  • Ann003Ann003
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    DD likes the squeaky mushrooms made by the company that makes Sophie and her Snuggle Pod baby.  DS likes links and keys.  They are mesmerized by the Take-Along-Tunes-style toys.  
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  • DS loves the Baby EInstein Take Along TUnes. I keep it at the changing table and we enjoy some music during diaper changes.
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  • Jumping on the O ball train!  Our son LOVES his.  I just bought him a car and rattle from the same company.  

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