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Am I crazy...

that I don't care that much about STTN? 

Right now my baby wakes once or twice to nurse (usually around 1 and 5) then goes right back to sleep. We're up for the day around 7.

I guess I'm just not that anxious for him to start STTN because I figure he'll eventually start doing it on his own. And in the meantime, waking up once or twice isn't that bad. It's better than when I was pregnant and was up every hour to pee!

And I suppose I'm the kind of person that doesn't need tons and tons of sleep. I mean, 8 straight hours would be nice, don't get me wrong, but if I get 6-7 and they're broken up, I'm still just fine during the day.

Anyone else feeling this way? Sometimes I feel like I complain about not getting enough sleep because I feel like as a new mom with a non STTN baby I'm supposed to, but the truth is it really doesn't bother me that much... 

Re: Am I crazy...

  • You're not alone! It was more frustrating when the middle of the night wake ups lasted an hour between diaper change, nursing and upright time. But DD basically doesn't poop in the middle of the night anymore so we don't bother with the diaper change. She eats for 10 to 15 minutes, I hold her upright for 5 to 10 to makes sure she doesn't spit up, and she's back down in less than half an hour. And even when she does STTN, I still end up waking up to check on her, so it's not like I'd have uninterrupted sleep anyway!

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    I don't care. I think it might have to do with a few things. For one when he wakes up  I usually bring him to bed to nurse and I am back asleep with in seconds. Sometimes I will wake up and he is nursing, and I am not sure how in my sleep I managed to do all of that, but the wake up is really slight. Also he doesn't poop at night, and I don't change him. Another thing is that he is my last and I absolutely adore the baby stage more than thing, and these past 5 months have been so quick. It seems like too soon he will be sleeping in his own room, growing up on me.

    I felt different in other situations. I don't fault anyone for wanting baby to STTN, I felt that same way. With this LO it is just different, I really am not worried, and don't care too much at this point.

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  • It doesn't really matter to me. But both my kids started sttn most nights around 6 weeks. Although did was still having a couple wake ups a week until about 8 months ago. I am fine as long as I get 5 hours of sleep.
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  • I think, for most people, it's more an issue of how quickly/easily their baby falls asleep. Or, if they don't want to bedshare, getting their baby into their crib. For example, I know several of the moms on the board (myself included) sleep tained but did not night wean. If that makes since. 
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  • Not crazy at all. I used to have such anxiety about when the boys would wake and having bottles ready etc but now that I know that they're only waking once I am much calmer. They sleep 7 to 1 or 2 and eat then back to their cribs until 7 or 8am. No diaper changes and for the most part no fussing. I have bottles ready to go just need to add water and my system of feeding twins is much better than when they were newborns. Those nights were tough! I get broken 8 hours of sleep and I am totally fine with it.
  • I am the person who needed 9 hours sleep to function. Now it doesn't bother me that I have to get up with dd at 1 and 5 to nurse. Then we get up for the day when ds comes in at around 7 or a little after. For some reason I am not dying from lake of sleep like I would have been a year ago. This time is special to me because I can nurse her without worrying about not giving ds enough attention like during the day.
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  • You're definitely not alone. I'm not in a rush to get my kids to STTN, they all do it when they're ready. DS already does, DD2 did at about 11-12 months, DD1 did it on her own at 10 weeks. But, my kids woke up, nursed a full feeding (sometimes a particularly large one at that) and went right back to sleep. I don't know what I would do with a kid who was awake in the middle of the night routinely.
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    I'm not worried about it either. However, everyone else in my life seems to be! My mom asks me every morning how DS slept the night before! 

    I figure it will happen when it happens! 

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  • Yup, I don't worry about it either. This is my first LO and I read SO much about this and that with schedules for sleep and feeding that I became overwhelmed. I decided to 'let go' and depend on intuition. They'll STTN soon enough. My thought is that worrying about this or anything else just takes away precious time from enjoying your timr with LO at this stage :

  • I think the biggest issue for me is when I have a big meeting or presentation. On the weekends I kind of cherish the moment together! 
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  • image kbates85:
    I think, for most people, it's more an issue of how quickly/easily their baby falls asleep. Or, if they don't want to bedshare, getting their baby into their crib. For example, I know several of the moms on the board (myself included) sleep tained but did not night wean. If that makes since. 

    This. I sleep trained DD1 because she could only fall asleep if she was on the boob, and after the 4 month wakeful she was up every hour or so. It was hell. DD2 still wakes up to eat once or twice each night, but I haven't even considered sleep training because she puts herself to sleep and goes down for naps and bedtime very easily. Plus she takes long naps and overall gets 2 or 3 more hours of sleep total than DD1 did. It's wonderful. I consider her an excellent sleeper despite the fact that she doesn't STTN. I'm in no rush to night wean her, although I bet it would be pretty easy to do given how well she generally sleeps.

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    Little man sleeps in bed with us (which I love!) He seems to search for me a lot at night lately. He doesnt always fully wake up (but that happens a lot too) he just whips his head back and forth with his mouth open lol It would be nice to get a straight night of sleep (last night was awful, I think he woke up/searched every restart of the sleep cycle) but I like your point that its better than when we were pregnant and up every hour to pee!
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