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Where Will You Put Your LO When They Start To Crawl/Walk?

Hi Ladies!

I'm curious to know..where will you put your LO once they start to crawl or walk if you need a few minutes? I was thinking of somewhere safe other than the crib like a playard? However, I think they're only rated for a certain weight. Where do or will you use? Thanks! TIA :) 

Re: Where Will You Put Your LO When They Start To Crawl/Walk?

  • Honestly, we'll probably just use the crib.  The playard takes up too much space to have out all the time, we just bought a very basic one for when we travel.  But our house is all one story, so it's not like I'd have to run upstairs to put her in her crib and then run back downstairs.  Her room is in the hallway that runs right behind the living room and kitchen, so it's just as convenient as a playard in the living room.

  • Well, our house is very small and all one floor, so I don't really feel like I need anything other than the crib. The PNP would take up way too much space in the living room, otherwise I might use that.
    If I don't want to use the crib, she also has a walker that I could put her in. That would keep her safe and occupied for a few minutes.
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  • I plan on doing as much baby proofing as possible so that J can crawl/walk freely as much as possible. I guess if I had to leave him unattended for a moment I would just stick him in the PNP. 
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  • We have a room that would normally be a dining room but we are going to use it as the baby room. Half of it will have a play mat down and be gated off. I will be able to see them from the living room or kitchen that way and then they'll have some space to enjoy that's also baby proofed
  • Just the PNP. 

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  • Our family room is very well baby proofed, so I'll leave him in there. If he isn't yet able to climb out of the jumparoo I'll use that since he loves it. Or I'll bring him into the bathroom with me.

    I also have a very dependable almost 6 year old, so if she's around I will be able to leave them for a few minutes (not long enough to shower or anything, but enough to go to the bathroom). Luckily our kitchen overlooks the family room so I can cook and do most things while watching in there. When the other two were little I made sure to do anything that took time like showering during nap time.  If I needed to shower at a different time because we had somewhere to be I would put them in the shower with me with a few toys to occupy them. Bonus, then we didn't have to do bath that night because I'd wash them then!

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  • I'm babyproofing today, actually, since my freak of nature baby is already crawling. So we'll have baby gates to blockade one room, plus there's a PNP, high chair, and jumperoo downstairs in case I need to plop him somewhere while I use the restroom/change out laundry/cook/etc.
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  • The exersaucer or bouncer.  When she stops liking that she just goes on the floor and I will just have my oldest son watch her.  I also wear my mobile babies on my back in the Ergo if I'm doing an activity that is fine with them back there (going to the bathroom is a little difficult).  lol
  • The exersaucer if there is some reason why they can't just crawl around (?), but normally we've just baby proofed and let them be.  LO2 is already pretty mobile and I walk out of the room to do things (dishes, shower, etc.), as long as it's quick.  I guess since we already have one kid, our house has been kid-proofed.


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  • We are just starting to baby proof and I guess it got me thinking about whether we needed a playard for when LO is more mobile and I need to shower or make dinner. I like the Exersaucer and highchair ideas. Still haven't gotten a highchair!..need to get one soon! :

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