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baby constipation?

Our LO seems backed up and is refusing to eat.  It has been a couple of days now.  I feel so bad for her.  When I was at the store today I saw next to the gas drops a product called Baby Move by wellements for constipation.  Has anyone ever tried this?  It has prune juice in it and prebiotics.

Re: baby constipation?

  • I haven't heard of it. We've had constipation issues for over a month now. I asked our pediatrician about this at her 4 month appt. She didn't seem too concerned-unless DD was uncomfortable, she could go 5-7 days without going poo. That seems long to me so I questioned and she suggested adding a 1/2 to 1 ounce of apple or prune juice to her bottle. We did this for several days to work but it has helped. The Little Tummies brand of gripe water also helped her get moving too. We've tried several brands and that one works best for that issue. I know some Moms suggest using a rectal thermometer to help but that has never worked us. 
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    While it is normal to skip days like pp said, we had a few days where DS just couldn't go. What little he got out was so thick and even after he strained for a while. I did half an ounce of water, half an ounce of prune juice and the next day he had poopy diapers at every change and they were normal consistency. He didn't even drink the whole ounce mixture but it helped.

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  • I took his temp rectally.  Tons o poo in under 5 min.
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    Our GI recommends Goya Pear Nectar for constipation. 2 ounces a day if needed. My LO is 4 months old. I've given her Pear juice too but Dr said nectar has some fiber in it.
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  • i started to give LO prune stage one gerber food, she actually likes it, and it helped!

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  • I was told to put 1 tsp. of dark karo syrup in the bottle with BM or formula. This HELPED, even though it took a couple hrs before he went and it was thicker than peanut butter! 
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