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Colic and Gripe water

Has anyone tried Wellements gripe water for colic?  I saw that it was natural and organic and was going to try it.  Just wanted to know anyones experiences.

Re: Colic and Gripe water

  • I have found that gripe water is hit or miss. My pediatrician has said not to rely on it and to watch some of them because of the ingredients. Other moms I know swear by them. DD didn't like any of them and they actually made her tummy troubles worse. 

    You can always try them and see.  

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  • It definitely helped my little guy when he had tummy episodes but the thing that pretty much cured him was using anti colic bottles. I tried a few but the one that worked for me was the tommee tippee anti colic bottle.
  • I use Little Remedies Gripe Water for DD when she has the hiccups. It seems to get rid of them about 75% of the time. Though I question if it's the actually gripe water or the tongue motions and swallowing she does while I'm giving it to her from the dropper. I've never used it for tummy troubles but I've heard from others that it works about half the time. It's hit or miss definitely but if your baby has colic, anything is worth trying!

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