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Switching from Breastmilk to Formula question

I haven't given up total hope I am still pumping regularly but my supply is horrible so I have started supplementing with formula. Brayden normally took 5 6oz bottles during the day and sleeps through the night. Now his first and last bottle is still breastmilk but I send 3 formula bottles, also 6oz, to daycare. He is only eating 2 of them where he use to eat all 3. Is there a conversion? Or is he just maybe not hungry? Still sleeping fine, I am really just curious. I know he will eat if he is hungry.
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Re: Switching from Breastmilk to Formula question

  • When I started having to supplement (we'll be FF here soon I'm not even pumping 10 oz a day anymore) DD took a while to really get into the swing of going back and forth and would miss a feeding here or there. 2 months later she is downing whatever I put in front of her sometimes both BM and formula in the same sitting. Unless she isn't gaining weight or seems affected by it I wouldn't worry too much.


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  • Ds drinks less formula than he did bm when I am at work. But he is gaining weight just fine. He was downing 810 oz bottles of bm before we had to switch, now they are about 6 oz.
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