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Moving cross country with 3 under 2

My DH and I are planning to move cross country with 2 cars and our DS and twin daughters due this coming December in February. The twins will be a couple months old and DS will be 21 months old. My parents have offered to help us for the move but I don't know the most practical or easiest way to do this. Train? RV rental? Drive both cars and make a million stops for feeding and burping? Anyone have any advice?


Re: Moving cross country with 3 under 2

  • smerkasmerka
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    I once took Amtrak from Chicago to Denver and it was not pleasant.  Sleeping was pretty uncomfortable and you're pretty confined.  Plus trains can get really far behind schedule because of a variety of reasons.  

    I would do an RV or ship the cars and fly. 

  • I would fly with your parents.

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  • I would fly with the babies and have mom fly with us or meet us at new home. Let DH and father drive across country with cars and moving truck. Unless you can afford to have everything shipped, and the whole family flies or most of the family flies.
  • I moved cross country when DD was 3-months-old. DH drove our car and I sat in the back seat with DD; FIL drove the moving truck towing our other car. The first day went great, the second was good, the third was okay, and the fourth was miserable. It was hard to keep DD confined to a car seat for about 8-10 hours a day when she was used to being in my arms all of the time. However, this was doable with an increased tolerance for crying and only one baby. I'd never do it with three babies.

    If your parents are willing to help out, I seriously recommend having one do the drive with your DH. Tow one car behind the moving truck and drive the other. Then, I'd fly with your other parent and the three babies. You and your parent can baby wear the twins and your DS can ride in a stroller. You'll have to buy your son a ticket and put him in a car seat on the planes, but the twins can be lap children. One miserable, hectic day of flying will be so much easier than days on end in a car.

    Good luck with the move no matter what you decide to do. It sounds like quite the adventure!


  • hocushocus
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    Are you nursing?

    I'd have your husband drive with your older child and have you ride with the twins and one of your parents (or both if you can fit them in). Your husband will probably be able to get there ahead of you which is fine to be honest. 

    If that isn't an option I'd have you ship the cars and fly out. It might be far less stress to be honest.  

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  • Thanks, everyone. I'm dreading this
  • We moved from VA to CA, when DD1 was 17 month and DD2 was 2.5 weeks.  DH left 5 days before us with our furniture and dogs.  He towed my car and had his motorcycles in the uhaul. I had my mom fly with me, but she wasn't good at containing the toddler, so I would have been better off buying DD1 a seat and doing it myself.  

    I still think flying is the easiest, so I recommend having your dad drive your car or ship it and have your mom fly with you.  Best of luck to you. 

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