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When going out with LO do you bring food or order off the kids menu?


I used to try to order her off the kids menu until it became so much easier just to make her a PB&J sandwhich with cut up fruit and throw it in the diaper bag. It's a guarantee she will eat it and we don't have a bunch of left over food. I thought it was fine until today the waitress seemed put off by it. I mean she's they really expect you to order off the menu? I usually decline the kids menu because she likes to eat the crayons.  

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Re: Restaurants

  • We order him a little something. When we go for sushi he gets his own roll and then some off our plates.

    At other restaurants we usually order him a side or two. Usually a cup of soup, or mixed veggies. And then random stuff from our plates.

    I find kids meals are too much food at this point, but honesty I think we might be there soon enough!
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  • My guy is a little behind on solids (and has food allergies) so he doesn't eat too much, but we usually order him a small side like some steamed veggies or a cup of applesauce.  He'll eat that and then we'll share off our plates when he's finished with his.

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  • We rarely go out with him because he is so squirmy and still such a mess when he eats! But if we do go we get him something small off the menu and then I bring some back ups just in case he won't eat it. 
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  • We typically go out to dinner once a week. We still do not order her a meal. We give her some of everyones meals. Thankfully her brothers do not mind sharing. She's more interested in what we are eating and there is no way she would finish her own plate, so I'd rather save the money. 
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    I usually get 2 sides with my meal like cottage cheese, veggies or applesauce and share with her.  I bring crackers and puffs too to give her something to do while we wait for food.  It is nice ordering milk now instead of having to bring enough formula.
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  • I usually share with him but often will order an extra side of veggies or something, tonight we went out for pizza but we ordered him a cup of soup too so he could have something s little more nutritious! He still ate a whole piece of pizza on top of that! I feel like the kids menu stuff is so unhealthy I'd rather order him an adult side of something healthy. We only go out maybe twice or three times a month.
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  • We always order her something. It is ironic but she is only 18lbs and still wears 6-9 month clothes but she eats like she is twice that size. We haven't been able to get away with sharing our meals since she was 8-9months. 

     Sometimes I will order a kids meal for her if they have something like a grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies or fruit...if it is all fried and Mac and cheese than I cobble together something off the sides menu and maybe a cup of soup, or I have asked the server if the kitchen can do something even if it is not on the menu. most of the time they can. The easiest though is if we end up somewhere that serves breakfast 24/7 because DD will always eat scrambled eggs, ham, and a pancakes

  • He usually eats from our plates, but when we went for sushi I got him a Childs menu teriyaki bento and if it is free I will get him a kids meal, otherwise we have ordered him a side, he doesn't really eat enough for his own meal, but I'm not keen on the idea of feeding him spicy or raw foods
  • Neither.

    We give her bites of whatever we are eating. At sushi places, she loves potstickers.

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  • We don't go out to eat very often but we feed Fifi off our plates but always have a couple of pouches she can slurp on before the food comes.

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  • We just feed her off our plates. The kids menus are always crap food and she eats almost anything I would order anyway. She's a meat and veg kid
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    DD eats off our plates. She couldn't handle a whole kids meal and usually I don't like what the kid meals offer anyway. We'll sometimes get her her own side dish of steamed veggies or rice. Breakfast is another story. She'll get her own little meal then of scrambled eggs and grits. We'll always have little snacks or puffs for her to eat while we wait for our food. DD is not a clean eater by any means either, that's why going out to eat is that much more of a treat for me because I don't have to clean up after her. After my husband and I have worked in the food industry before we know to pay it forward when we bring her with us. 

    On a side note, we just found out that the Cheesecake Factory offers free "baby plates" of cut up bananas and some other stuff which is perfect! I don't know of any other restaurant that does that but more need to do it.

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  • We normally order a meal for Nathan 2.5 and Lucas to share unless its a place with really big portions then Danny who's 9 dh and I share with both of them. I do normally bring a snack for the wait.
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  • I am seriously jealous of you mom's that can share off your plates...As an expmple we took DD out with us this weekend (celebrating my Bday) and she ate the following Goldfish crackers while we waited for her food. An entire grilled chicken breast A cup of fresh fruit 1/4 of my bowl of soup 1 breadstick A few bites of Mac and Cheese & 5-6 Sweet potato fries. plus 2 bites of Keylime Pie.
  • We did BLW do she's always shared what we're eating whether at home or out but for the last two months she's started to eat too much so we either order her her own meal or if there's no option for a smaller portion we get her a couple sides.
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