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I know not everyone is "feeling me" today, but anyways...


I feel weird typing FI.

Anyways, he was originally offered $42,000 to start. He makes about $38,000 currently. He wanted to stay at his current company, but he's an intern/contingent, so he has no benefits, PTO/CTO time, and no seniority status. He told his supervisor that he had a job offer elsewhere and that he would have to leave if they couldn't offer him a permanent position and they told him that per company rules, they'd have to wait until something opened and then would have to choose whoever was best applicable (which translates into whoever had more seniority...and he has none, after working there for a year).

So, he called the new place, talked the guy into $45,000 a year, full benefits, PTO time, and paid overtime. 


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