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Post partum clothes shopping

Now that I've got 10 days PP under my belt, I realized it would be nice to have some nursing tanks on hand to wear so I can get out of my endless supply of cotton t-shirts.  We are at the mall (see post below) so I dropped into the department stores and Motherhood.  $25+ for nursing tanks!!  This girl doesn't have that kind of money right now.  On a whim I popped into NY&Co., my favorite regular-clothing store, and perused their clearance racks.  Found four stretchy tank tops for $7.99 ea.  Much better!  They all passed my little "can I whip out my boob?" test.

Now I'm looking forward to a big back-to-school shopping spree in August, hopefully after I've dropped a few more pounds.

What PP shopping have you gals done?  For nursing clothes or otherwise? 


Re: Post partum clothes shopping

  • I brought a pair of cropped pants and $6 T-shirts from target using a mobile coupon and got %25offof already marked down shirts. I also brought some chuck Taylor's my first pair. But other than that I'm waiting to lose some more weight. Old navy usually has really good stretchy tanks for nursing
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  • Nothing yet, but I am going to try this weekend!
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  • 5wk here. I've only bought 2 pairs of shorts to tide me over until I lose more belly fat.

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  • The price of nursing clothes is crazy to me too! I'm mainly wearing stretchy exercise type clothes around the house. When I've gone out I'm still wearing maternity dresses or pants. Hopefully back to normal clothes soon. I wear scrubs to work so that won't be an issue.
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  • I am kinda waiting to go back to school before I do any serious shopping.  Until then, it has just been a couple of skirts and cheap, nursing-friendly tops.  I am back to my PP weight.. but my body is all weird so I want that to normalize a little more before I spend any serious money. 
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  • I bought a bunch of tanks and tees at old navy. All 5.

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  • Finally got 4 proper nursing bras 2 weeks ago. I don't think I've worn a bra that properly fit since January, it feels AMAZING. 

    I've been forcing myself to make due with a mix of my maternity and pre-pregnancy clothes. Being on mat leave is leaving me no money to spend on new clothes, I need to keep reminding myself of that. 

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  • Burlington coat factory has good prices too on nursing tops
  • Just nursing tanks. I was one of the lucky few who fit into my pre pregnant summer wardrobe a week post.
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  • I'm 5w and back to my ppw. I'm losing still but will not buy more clothing until after my wedding in Sept.
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    Right after I gave birth to LO, when I was still in the hospital, I gained everything I'd lost with LO back via water weight. It was really depressing, even though I only gained about 20 pounds total with this pregnancy. Then, in three days I lost all 20 pounds again plus a few additional ones and am now a few pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight, though I still have a slight tummy (thanx fibroids!), which I didn't have before.

    I haven't tried any of my regular pants or shorts on, but everything else fits, though shirts can get somewhat stretched out over my now-even-larger bazzooms. I want to buy nursing tanks because they seem really practical, but the only nursing tanks that will fit me properly are all $80+ around here (I have a challenging-to-fit narrow torso/medium in general /formerly-large-turned-XL boobs figure so I have to go to specialty stores). I've been mostly making do with button-downs, even though they're supposed to be a PITA. I bought one "generous" fit of shorts from Land's End and also a really impractical tank top in my pre-pregnancy size so I don't know if it'll fit across my bazzooms. It is not great for nursing. I'm still trying to wear some maternity dresses and shirts that have a surplice style so I can whip the boobs out when necessary, but those clothes fit sort of funny now.

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