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For working mamas and EPers, how many times do you have to pump to get enough milk for LO? I am finding that to get enough milk for 3 feedings for LO during the day, I need to pump like 4-5 times. I really hate pumping and feel like I'm doing it around the clock at work. I BF in the mornings and evenings when I'm with LO, but I have to pump oh so much just to get enough for her at daycare. It's a lot of work!! I've been trying to increase my supply a little bit with mother's milk tea and oatmeal (trying to put off taking fenugreek since some ladies say it makes them smelly and gives them gas). Just started it yesterday, so too soon to tell if it's working. But do you other moms find you have to pump quite a bit more frequently than LO eats to get enough milk?
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