Anyone deal w/ incision issues when DC was older?

My youngest just turned 4 in May...having issues w/ my cs incision...have an appt for next wk to be seen....after researching, I feel like I have an idea of what it may be.....scar endometriosis.....anyone deal with this?  Looks like I may be in for Laparoscopic Surgery.
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Re: Anyone deal w/ incision issues when DC was older?

  • My incision is still fairly new so no issues yet, but I do have endometriosis and I've had 3 laps so far for it, I know with the last two surgeries I had a lot of adhesions and endo around my incisions and around where they removed adhesions from my ovaries. My doctor actually put a mesh over my cesarean incision to try to prevent the endo from clinging to it. From what I've read most people had no more issues once they had a lap done so hopefully that's all you'll need. Good luck though and I hope everything goes well! 
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  • I'm having laparoscopy surgery on August 2nd for adhesion(s) on my bowels. No issues with the incision. I'm only 15 weeks PP...
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  • Sorry to hear you're having problems wth your incision. I did not realize it was possible to have problems that long after a c-section. I just had my third c-section, but I did not have any issues after my first two. 

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