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tiny vent

So tired of having to deal with these dogs on my own. When DH comes home, its like they are nearly perfect.
But when its just me, the lab mix tries to eat the dachshund and the Russell terrier is all depressed.
I pick up the poop by myself, feed them, bathe them, and walk them. DH does nothing practically.
I'm gonna go insane.


Married since September 12th 2011. DH:26 Me:21 +HPT#1: 09/09/2012 EDD: 05/15/2013 MMC: 10/06/2012
+HPT#2: 01/27/2013 EDD: 10/03/2013 ITS A BOY!!!

Re: tiny vent

  • I can relate but I have a male lab mix and a female pitbull. My lab will cry all day for my husband, and in between that hump my pitbulls head like CRAZY and they are both fixed! I've been unable to work for about a month since I work retail and was swelling like crazy... Then my husband will come home and they will just cuddle and act like nothing is up! My pitbull is a sweetheart, but man my lab is driving me up a wall!

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