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Scaredy Baby

Is your baby afraid of anything? Connor has become afraid me having a towel on my head.Almost 7 months of hanging in the bathroom while I take a shower and being fine with it. He has a major melt down which sucks because well,I like to wash my hair!

He is also newly afraid of  the sound the trash bag makes as we wave it to get it to open as we change the bags out. Oh,and heaven forbid we get ice out of the icemaker in the freezer. LOL,it's kind of funny,except the towel thing. That one blows. 

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Re: Scaredy Baby

  • She's been fine with dogs, except allergies to them, until about a month ago. Now she stares them down and if the come to close or look at her she cries. She even started shaking once when our dog barked.
    She also got scared of Sesame Street once. I think it was the talking "toys" that did it. She's ok now.

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  • Dd is afraid of the little dirt devil vacuum, god forbid we sneeze or clear your throat, the blender, the Mickey Mouse rock star toy, lets just say the list goes on lol. She is very jumpy and gets startled easily, so really anything unexpected she tends to cry at.
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  • Dd is afraid of that dinosaur toy with the balls popping out and also the toilet flushing in public bathrooms. Other than that she's pretty good around loud noises, must be all the jet noise we get. 
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  • So far he isn't scared of fact, VERY curious about everything. I am in serious trouble.
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  • Not scared per se, but she gets this funny look on her face when someone blows their nose....she thinks sneezes are hilarious though


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    We got a peek-a-boo dolly ( as a gift from a friend of my MIL when DD was born.  MIL's friend showed MIL the doll and my MIL was so excited for DD to play with it.  MIL talked up the doll to me for like 15mins raving about how she thought it was the cutest thing and she knew DD would LOVE it.  I put the doll in front of DD when she was 3 months old and pushed the button so the doll would do play the recording and move the blanket up and down.  The voice recording was SO loud but DD didn't pay attention to it.  I reintroduced it to DD a week ago and at first she looked puzzled when the recording started, but when the arms started moving she flipped out.  She got startled every time that thing moved.  After the third peek-a-boo, DD started crying so I stopped it.  I told DH that DD was afraid of the peek-a-boo doll and he didn't believe me.  He tried it the follow day with DD and she flipped out again.  He thought it was hilarious.  That's the only thing she's scared of so far.     
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  • image kerbear135:
    Not scared per se, but she gets this funny look on her face when someone blows their nose....she thinks sneezes are hilarious though

    Haha - DD also thinks sneezes are hilarious (especially when they come from the dog).

    She's afraid of the vacuum cleaner unless someone is holding her.  And she cries at the sound of duct tape or packing tape being pulled from the roll... Which is unfortunate since we're moving next week and packing boxes is about to get pretty serious!


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  • jac409jac409
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    We had a pretty strong thunderstorm yesterday and it was the first time I had ever seen her freaked out.  They have never bothered her before.  That's about it though.  She's a pretty tough cookie.
  • She startles at DH's nose blowing, at my clearing of the throat. Never used to be an issue; guess my LO is becoming more aware of noises around her.
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  • Elli jumps when DH sneezes, but I do too becuase he sneezes like an elephant. 

    We have these little vibrating bug toys, one is red and blue and the other is blue and yellow, she screams and cries if the blue and yellow one gets anywhere near her but the red and blue one she likes... crazy baby  

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