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Bye bye newborn :/

I was a little bummed when I put away the newborn clothes when DS1 outgrew them.  But I knew we would try for a second and had a 50/50 chance of it being a boy and seeing those precious little clothes again.  But DS2 has outgrown the NB clothes now and I'm feeling even more sad this time because this time means getting rid of them.  For good.  We're definitely two and through and I'm holding onto the outfits that are sentimental to me but it's just that this is it.  They're not coming back.  No little squishy bum will ever grace those tiny sleepers and outfits again :(
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Re: Bye bye newborn :/

  • :( im sorry. i'm sure I will feel the same after we have our 2nd and final child.

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  • She is my first, and I am so sad as I have to keep putting various nb items away. She didn't even get to wear some things! The only upside is she has some pretty adorable 0-3 clothes

  • Oh, geez, I'm sorry.  It is hard.  We had a girl this time and my older son is 4.  So I've been going through his things to give away.  My advice is to give a lot of things to a friend or relative's little boy.  Then you know it goes to a good home and maybe will get to see your LO's outfits again on another baby.  Smile
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  • This is how I have felt packing up DD2's stuff. I kept everything from DD1 in case we had another girl. So, it wasn't really too sad packing it up. Now I'm up into the 4T clothes, headed in more of the "big girl" stuff, and that is sad. Packing up the 3T, sad. Remembering both of them in the outfits, and sending it off for good. Very sad. And, it will be depressing packing up my little mans stuff too because he's it.

  • Im sorry!! this is baby number 1 but dh thinks we are one and done. So if thats the case, this will be me soon as ds is getting big and fast
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  • I know its sooo sad. I cried with DD's clothes were put away. I have a couple of outfits for DS that already don't fit! I'm saving them ... just incase ...
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    Aw I'm sorry :( I was super sad when I put M's away and I was even more upset when I had to put the freaking adorable baby boy NB clothes away the day we came home from the hospital with my 10 1/2lb little big man!
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