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Vacation Advice!

Road trip, camping, beach, EBF, cloth diaper, 5 month old. are we crazy? Yes but we're probably doing it anyway.

 Any BTDT moms have some advice?

We're planning a week long trip, either just us or another family is talking about joining us possibly, so four adults, two babies, mine and one 14 month old. We're driving from Nashville, TN to Wilmington, NC with a stop in Asheville, NC there and back. We'll be camping in a tent at the state park, but we have a conversion van with a bed, too (but it gets hot camping in there in August, so tent). We plan to get a giant beach umbrella for the beach so the babies will have plenty of shade. I can go to the coin-op laundry to do diapers, I am used to it, after all.


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Re: Vacation Advice!

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    Have fun! Do you plan on baby wearing? I bring multiple options when I travel (I have an addiction to carriers). It will make hiking, eating, going to the beach and nap time a bit easier!
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  • I don't have any advice for the actual trip but if it were me I would have some help lined up for a couple days when I got back. I imagine you may need a vacation from your vacation when you get back.
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  • We did it for four days over Fourth of July - camping, beach, etc.  I decided to buy disposables to use and was really glad.  I have two in diapers, so I would have had to laundry every day somewhere.  I was really glad that I used the disposables because it was just one less thing to worry about.

    As far as camping with a baby this age - I would just make sure you bring something to put her in.  I brought a travel swing and PNP.  She napped in the shade in the PNP (versus a tent which would be too hot in the middle of the day) or in the swing.

    Also, for swimming, they make some really cute floats that inflate and have a shade over the top.  We tried it with DD and it was nice to have the shade while swimming since she can't wear sunscreen.

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