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What are your early labor signs??

FTM only 15 days left til I hit my due date. So far, I am only 1cm dilated (have been since 36 weeks), baby dropped, pelvic pressure and what feels like a sore interior vagina...thought that was a weird symptom), BH contractions I believe since no pattern has formed and they are not painful, and of course lovely back pain!

Nothing too intense so far! Don't think I am going into labor anytime soon but would like to know some of your early labor signs, If you happen to be going through them now or with a previous pregnancy.

Re: What are your early labor signs??

  • I really didnt have any.  With my 1st, DH and I had just had sex and I felt weird!  Then the weirdness developed a pattern.  #2 I started acting weird and DH told me I was in labor.  with #3 I woke up in full blown labor.

    Not much help at all, but I am interested in what other folks say as well.

  • With my first, I had been 1cm dilated at about 37 weeks.  I woke up a couple days later feeling intense pressure and just had a feeling the baby was coming soon.  That night around 10ish I started feeling cramping.  I timed the cramping all night and realized those were in fact contractions.  We went to the hospital that morning and my daughter was born at 2:41 in the afternoon Smile

    Now I'm 1cm dilated with #2 at 37 weeks.  This pregnancy is much different though.  For one thing I don't have high blood pressure like I did with my daughter.  Only time will tell when this little guy decides to come out Smile

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    I never had any signs except period like cramps for several hours a couple of days in the week I had her and then they didn't go away when I slept and the next day they intensified and were timeable and I had her the next day. Never lost my plug, had my water broke, felt a lot of pressure or anything. So diffrent for everyone.
  • With my first, I lost my mucous plug a week or two before giving birth. Other than that, nothing until the day I went into labor at 39 weeks.

    With my second, I unfortunately had a few preterm labor scares, so I had a lot of consistent contractions almost every five minutes for nearly a month!, then actual labor which took me to 3 cm dilated but then just naturally ceased. Then my water broke and I finally had the baby at 37 weeks.

    Hoping to have a pregnancy and labor more similar to my first child this time!!

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  • I had several days of cramping and diarrhea in the evenings that really picked up the day labor actually started. Once the diarrhea was done the cramping really got intense and became timeable. 

    ETA - this was with DS, not with this pregnancy. 

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    Early labor signs are early labor.

    With DD1 I was 1cm dilated at 39w and never had any sign of labor whatsoever, not even a single BH. I went into labor four days later at 39w4d.

    This time, I was dilated 3cm and 70 percent effaced at 39w and having a shitt load of real contractions on and off. Three false labor starts. Lost my mucus plug. Then I made it to my due date and was 4cm, 80 percent. Went into labor two days later at 40w2d.

    Soooo none of it means anything; everyone and every pregnancy is different. Hang in there.
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  • No experience but here is what my doctor told me to watch for:

    1. pressure in the low pelvic region that does not go away with hydration or rest

    2. contractions in a definite pattern, or more than 4 an hour

    3. a gush of pinkish liquid 

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  • I was induced with #1, so I'm no help.

    This time around, I feel crampy almost daily at this point, back pain, lost my mucus plug weeks ago, pressure, intense BH, but I would consider these just the "end of pregnancy" discomforts.

    Obviously its not labor symptoms, because I'm still pregnant.  GL!

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  • This is my first pregnancy and I am 3 days out from my due date! I'm nearly driving myself nuts nit picking every little pain and cramp. I've been dilated 1 cm since 37 weeks and was told at 39 weeks I was "VERY" effaced. I lost my mucus plug weeks ago and have a lot of pelvic pressure and aches. My bowel movements used to be regular, one a day, now they are loose and I have them 3 times a day! The end MUST be near but the closer I get to 40 the farther I feel from it! Stubborn baby!
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